serré,e (sehr-ay) adjective
  1. tight
  2. close
  3. cramped, dense

un café serré = a strong espresso coffee, one that is "bien tassé" or
"short in the cup" as opposed to un café allongé (in which the
contents reach the top of the cup, and the coffee is less strong)

être serré = to be tight, low on money
les dents serrées = clenched teeth
avoir le coeur serré = to have a heavy heart; to be sad
jouer serré = to play a cautious game; to take no chances
serrés comme des harengs, des sardines =  packed like sardines
avoir la gorge serrée = to have a tight throat; to be speechless from emotion

Citation du Jour:

Peut-être l'art n'est-il que la volonté quotidienne de se tenir serré contre l'impossible perfection.

Maybe art is no more than the daily will to protect oneself from impossible perfection.
                                                                                   --René-Salvator Catta

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