la dalle


piger (pee-zhay) verb
  1. to measure
  2. to understand, to get it

tu piges = get it?
pige-moi ça! = take a look at that!
je n'y pige rien = I just don't get it
n'y piger que dalle = to understand nothing

un(e) pigiste = (piecework) a typesetter; a freelance journalist who is paid by the line

Citation du Jour:
La jeunesse a cela de beau qu'elle peut admirer sans comprendre.
The beauty of youth is this: it can admire without understanding.

                   --Anatole France

A Day in a French Life...

(The story that originally appeared here with the French vocabulary, below, is now a part of this book!):


*References: la porte (f) = door; salut, maman = hi, mom; ouf! = phew!; l'élève (mf) = student, pupil; sans lignes = without lines; Je dois écrire cent lignes, maman = I have to write one hundred lines, mom; le devoir (m) = homework (faire ses devoirs = to do one's homework); ça t'apprendra = that'll teach you; fatigué = tired; il ne pigera rien comme ça = he'll never understand a thing that way

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