Volume II

Volumeiisecondedition_2 From the back cover:

“I love the way you infuse humor into these pieces. I think you have a knack for pinpointing the lines between American thoughts and ways of going about things and French ways—in a humorous way!”

—Jessica L'Esperance Managing Editor, France Today: The Journal of French Travel and Culture

A pastiche of readers’ impressions:

….even more enjoyable to read than your electronic missives…you have a gift of painting a moment…atmospheric, emotional pieces…bittersweet and private pensées…your columns, and your life, strike such a chord with me…C'est magnifique!...I read it with tears rolling down my face…your stories truly move me...your experiences come from the heart that's why people can identify so readily with you…fabulous!...informative and entertaining…insights and French expressions that you can’t find in a dictionary…your words truly bring your experiences to life…the stuff of which dreams are made!...the insight that I get from your letters is like having a personal window from which to view French life & customs…your column makes me feel more of a human, with more hope for my own frailties…your courageous simple honesty continues to impress...you have a gift of enhancing the feeling and metaphor of your vocabulary into the spirit side of life, and adding insight, in a heart-clutching way…you are a delightful writer and reading your accounts of daily life en famille and with friends helps me feel connected to a culture and country I love…your insight into the French culture is quite interesting…J'aime lire vos histoires…you have just the most wonderful way of weaving a story…It is clear you are a keen observer of life, a wonderful writer, and a very fun maman133 pages. (This book is no longer available.)

To read more stories about this French life, click on the book cover below:


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