le fossé


Rock wall = mur en pierre (c) Kristin Espinasse
A garden wall somewhere in our village.

décontracté,e (day-kohn-trak-tay) adjective
1. relaxed  2. casual, laid-back

Une mer calme n'a jamais fait un bon marin.
A calm sea does not make a skilled sailor.

A Day in a French Life...

(The story that originally appeared here, and included the French vocabulary below, is now a part of this book.)

la chaise (f) = chair; la nappe (f) = tablecloth; la belle-famille (f) = in-laws; la belle-mère (f) = mother-in-law; le beau frère (m) = brother-in-law; la marmite (f) = cooking pot; le matelot (m) = sailor; le jardin (m) = yard; SWAAR (pronunciation for 'soir = g'night); le grenier (m) = attic; moi-même = myself; sock juice = coffee (the French refer to American--weak--coffee as 'jus de chaussette'); le rouleau (m) = roll; l'au revoir (m) = goodbye

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