un bonbon
un épi

le ménage

le linge = laundry (c) Kristin Espinassele ménage (may-nazh) noun, masculine
1. household; couple
2. housework

le grand ménage = spring-cleaning
faire le ménage = to do the housework
faire du ménage dans sa vie = to sort one's life out
la scène de ménage = ... or when couples "blow up" publicly
se mettre en ménage = to get married, to live as a married couple
le ménage à trois = "household for three"...
faire bon/mauvais ménage avec quelqu'un = to get along well/badly with someone
Il n'y a pas d'église sans sermons, ni de ménage sans querelles.
There is not a church without a sermon, nor a household without a quarrel.

A Day in a French Life...

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le salon (m) = living room; le ménage (m) = housework; la poubelle (f) = garbage can; le balai (m) = broom; Allez! = Come on! (Let's get going!); la salle de bains (f) = bathroom; le lave-linge (m) = washing-machine; le lave-vaisselle (m) = dishwasher; la cuisine (f) = kitchen; le linge (m) = the washing, laundry

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