le chiffre


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lancer (lon-say) verb
  1. to throw, fling, cast, hurl; to shoot
  2. to fire, drop, launch

lancer une opération = to launch an operation
se lancer = to make a name for oneself; to give something a try
lance-toi! = Just do it! (to encourage someone who has a project)

Citation du Jour:
Tu dois vivre dans le présent, te lancer au-devant de chaque vague, trouver ton éternité à chaque instant.

You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.--
Henry David Thoreau

A Day in a French Life...

(The story that originally appeared here along with the French vocabulary, below, is now a part of this book!)

References: évidemment = obviously; s'il te plaît = please; le bouchon (m) = cork; faire péter le bouchon = to pop the cork; lancer = to fire, send off (the cork); Hey-oh! Fais péter le pain! = Hey! Pass the bread!; rouge-tomate = tomato-red; champers = (British) champagne

Photo du Jour:
Today's photo (of a classic "pointu" fishing boat) was taken along the French Riviera, not far from Ste-Maxime. Jean-Marc and I stumbled onto the little fisherman's cove where a dozen such boats were being lovingly fussed over by their owners.

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