un embarras
le champ

le parcours

Comedy Wine Bar in Cannes (c) Kristin Espinasse
A bar à vin / wine bar in Cannes

le parcours (par-koor) noun, masculine

  1. distance; journey, route
  2. course, round
  3. mileage; fare

Related Expressions and Terms

le parcours de golf = golf course
le parcours de santé = fitness trail
le parcours de combattant = obstacle course
le parcours politique = political career
payer le parcours = to pay the fare

Citation du Jour
Les parcours sinueux sont ceux qui atteignent les sommets.
It is the winding roads that reach the summit.
--Jean-Charles Ducoulombier

by Barbara Barles    

(Read this article in French)

In France (but surely elsewhere, too) going shopping puts us before a permanent dilemma as to the choice of the best product; this, even more so, as we are constantly presented all kinds of new things.

Under these conditions, filling up one's shopping cart puts us back onto the obstacle course!

Take deodorants, for example.  The choice between a stick, a spray, or a roll-on turns out to be difficult enough, but it is even more so now that the "no mark" deodorants exists (permitting avoiding white traces atop dark-colored clothing). Existing only in spray, it forces the stick and roll-on enthusiasts to have two bottles in their bathroom, one for dark days and one for the other days.

In cleaning products it's the same thing.

If only a few years ago a good-sized barrel of powder let one wash the whole family's laundry, today it is necessary to multiply one's weapons to overcome the problem of stains.

That is why, to the traditional powdered detergent, it is advisable to add a special detergent for dark clothes (designed so that the dark clothes don't turn grey); special detergent for white clothes (formulated to avoid their turning yellow); special detergent for synthetic materials (ideal for sportswear) and special detergent for woolen or delicate fabrics.

And if, despite all of this paraphernalia, certain stains still resist, then it is necessary to purchase a series of little magic bottles, yet making sure not to confuse grease stains with colored stains (fruit, wine, blood), or with ink or rust stains (each among them needing its own specific product).

And if the French pull their hair out or turn grey facing all these choices, all they need to do is to take a look at the shampoo section where they're sure to find their happiness among shampoo for "hair loss"; "colored hair" and others "fine" or "curly" hair!


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