un gancho
un embarras

Volume I

Wiaflvi_1 An inspiring collection of French vocabulary and stories from the early editions of French Word-A-Day.

151 pages brimming with fun and useful French expressions, thoughtful French quotes, and insights into France and French culture. Learn about French customs, enjoy the charm of day to day life in the South of France, understand lifestyles we share with the French and appreciate our cultural differences.

What readers say:
Kristin, I absolutely love Words in a French Life! It's the best book I've ever read that covers the French! I've read everything I can get my hands on...I finally realized why I liked yours the best. You are an American trying to fit in and you're young! I always feel the way you do whenever I am in France. I put on my jeans and tennis shoes to go exploring Paris and the concierge at the hotel says, "Vous faites de l'alpinisme aujourd'hui?" I can't wander through the streets in high heels but the beautiful French women do! Thanks for all your hard work! Is there Volume II that I can buy? --Paula Gyllenborg

I already ordered one of your books several weeks ago and have decided to buy several more to use as gifts. Others I know will greatly appreciate your work. ----Ed Byczynski

I received your book yesterday when I returned home from work. Instead of starting dinner, I started reading it. I was having such a nice time reading the book that it was difficult to put it down and start dinner. Thank you for signing the book and for your appreciative words. --Helen Wong

Update: Volume One is now sold out. Selected stories from Volume One can be found in this book:

Words_in_a_french_life Words in a French Life: "...a heart-winning collection from an American woman raising two very French children with her French husband in Provence, carrying on a lifelong love affair with the language."

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