donner (doh-nay) verb
  1. to give

donner secours = to give help, aid

Hear the word 'donner' pronounced: Download donner.wav

Citation du Jour:
Le vrai secours aux misérables, c'est l'abolition de la misère.
True aid to the poverty-stricken, is the abolition of poverty.
--Victor Hugo

A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse

Jean-Marc and I are deeply saddened by the tragedy that has bouleversée* America. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who have been affected by the devastating ouragan.* I share with you today a few randomly chosen headlines from the francophone press.

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From L'Express:
Un monde étonné observe les USA en lutte avec Katrina
An astonished world observes the US in a struggle with Katrina.

From Reuters.fr:
Chaos et dévastation en Nouvelle-Orléans après l'ouragan
Chaos and devastation in New Orleans after the hurricane

From Edicom:
le showbiz se mobilise pour les sinistrés
(those in) showbiz join forces for disaster victims

From Le Figaro:
La rupture des digues était prévisible
Rupture of the levees was foreseeable

From Libération:
La Louisiane et le Mississipi sous les eaux
Louisiana and Mississippi under water

From Le Petit Journal:
L'Amérique en état de choc
America in a state of shock

From Le Figaro:
La tragédie
The tragedy

From L'Express.mu:
La Nouvelle-Orléans en proie au pillage après le cyclone
New Orleans plagued by looting after the cyclone

From L'Humanité:
La Nouvelle-Orléans, toute une cité engloutie
New Orleans, an entire city swallowed up

From Radio-Canada:
Le monde vient en aide aux États-Unis
The world comes to the aid of the United States

From Libre Belgique:
Le cauchemar américain
The American nightmare

From Boursier.com:
La peur et la faim dans un camp de "réfugiés" en Louisiane
Fear and hunger in a "refugee" camp in Louisiana

From Edicom:
Le chanteur Fats Domino secouru
The singer Fats Domino is saved

From Radio-Canada:
Arrivée tardive des secours à La Nouvelle-Orléans
Late arrival of help to New Orleans

From Futura Sciences:
Dégâts apocalyptiques après le passage du cyclone Katrina
Apocalyptic damage after the passage of the Katrina cyclone

Donner = to give. A nonverbal way to practice today's French verb...


*References: bouleverser = to shatter, to move deeply, to turn upside down: un
ouragan (m) = a hurricane

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