la fosse

     The port in Marseilles

la fosse (fos) noun, feminine
  1. pit  2. grave

Listen: Hear the word fosse pronounced: Download fosse.wav

la fosse aux lions = lions' den
la fosse d'orchestre = orchestra pit
la fosse septique = septic tank

Citation du Jour:
La musique chasse la haine chez ceux qui sont sans amour. Elle donne la paix à ceux qui sont sans repos, elle console ceux qui pleurent.

Music chases away hate in those that are without love. It gives peace to those who are without rest, and consoles those who cry.
--Pablo Casals

A Day in a French Life...

What do the French do after a late-night concert? Analyze, bien sûr!* When the lights came on inside le Dôme* in Marseilles last night and the band Coldplay* had said its last remerciements,* 7000 of us turned on our heels and crowded toward la sortie.*

"Extraordinaire! Extraordinaire!" Jean-Marc said, pulling on his coat.
"Bluffant!"* my friend Michèle added.

The analysis continued at the Vin Sobre* bistrot where nine friends celebrated the Beaujolais Nouveau* and a midnight meal including antipasti, charcuterie,* fromage,* and andouillette.* Seated around the table, we talked about the excellent concert seats we'd secured just beyond the lively fosse.* Between sipping and savoring, we critiqued the lead singer's French, which we all agreed was good. Some of the friends spoke about favorite Coldplay albums while comparing notes on the singer's concert voice, which ranged from très aiguë* to grave.* Finally, we appreciated the mise en scène, including falling yellow balloons the size of bean-bags and the ever-changing giant screen showing close-ups of the band or black and white images that gave the music an added dimension.

At a quarter to two in the morning, we asked the waiter for l'addition,* kissed the restaurateur goodbye and headed home, the discussion of Coldplay still warm on our lips.

References: bien sûr = of course; le Dôme = a concert hall in Marseilles; Coldplay = UK band (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coldplay); les remerciements (mpl) = thanks; la sortie (f) = exit; bluffant = breathtaking, impressive; Le Vin Sobre restaurant (http://www.levinsobre.com); Beaujolais nouveau (http://tinyurl.com/c7nmp); la charcuterie (f) = cold cuts (pork); le fromage (m) = cheese; l'andouillette (f) = pork sausage made with tripe; la fosse (f) = pit; très aiguë = high-pitched; grave = deep; l'addition (f) = bill, check

Jean-Marc's favorite Coldplay album, click cover to view:

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