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juillettiste (jwee-ay-teest) noun, masculine/feminine
   July vacationer

French definition:
  Personne qui prend ses vacances au mois de juillet.
  A Person who takes his/her vacation in the month of July.

--from "Le Petit Larousse illustre" ("le must" of French dictionaries. Check it out, here.)

A Day in a French Life...
Remember the scene where the tortured writer is pounding away at the keyboard, stopping only to yank the cursed paper from the machine, crumple it up and toss it into the poubelle?*

Like the tortured writer's, my (virtual) wastebasket it full and little crumpled balls now litter the floor beneath a messy desk. What's more, I'm plum* out of words.

It's time to push this keyboard aside and leave the little lettered clés* to collect some French dust; with any luck it'll be fairy dust by the time I return (and just enough to make these fingers fly across the clavier.)*

But I've one last trick, or word up my sleeve, and I'd best use it now so here goes...

         juillettiste = one who takes her vacation in July

"See you" in a few weeks, same place, same time, sans plums.

References: la poubelle (f) = garbage can; plum (just in case, and for the French readers on this list, "plum" is English and the informal of "plumb" -- nothing to do with the juicy fruit) = completely; la clé (f) = key; le clavier (m) = keyboard

French Pronunciation:
Hear Max's sentence: Ce sont les juillettistes qui partent en juillet. It's the "juillettistes" that leave (for vacation) in July.: Download juillettiste3.wav

Monday's "farcir" edition (under French Pronunciation) included the sentence "Ceci est une tomate farcie." It should have read "Ceci est une tomate farcie à la provençale." (This is a stuffed tomato, Provence style.)

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