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Wine label today's edition...and how you might help decide (or even design!) our vineyard's first "étiquette." Click here to check out what people are saying about these labels and add your own comments. Whatever you do, please cast your vote, below!

étiquette (ay-tee-ket) noun, feminine
  1. label; docket; price tag
  2. protocol, etiquette, formality

Le BONHEUR ou le malheur ne sont que des étiquettes que l'on met sur des réalités mouvantes, insaisissables. / HAPPINESS and misfortune are but labels that we put on changing and elusive realities. --Gilles Archambault

Jean-Marc has been working for weeks to create a wine label for his vintage debut--make that for his first vintage! When I saw the initial prototype (and the bright and hopeful look on my husband's face) I held my tongue, remembering the old adage "Si tu n'as rien de gentil à  dire, ne dis rien."*

All right. Give him this one, I reasoned. Next year, I reassured myself, we'd change labels! After all, the etiquettes* would change yearly--with each year a new work of art.... I already had several artists in mind: we might use my mom's "l'Homme Qui Crache" (The Spitting Man) or my Grandma Audrey's
"Cabanon dans les Vignes".* Then there's my daughter's "Hivebound Abeilles"* or my son's "Sarment Sous La Lune."* There. I'd thought up the next four labels! Not that I'd gotten around to a producing a Jean-Marc had.

"Mais non, chérie*....the artwork is lovely but it won't be possible to use them all." Harrumph! My husband is remembering another adage (about a kind word turning away colère.)*  As for wrath, my face must have resembled The Spitting Man's for Jean-Marc quickly elaborated:

"Chérie...The étiquettes don't change with every harvest. The wine label, like the name, is a brand." Oh, branding. OK. I understand now. But, oh, with just one chance to get the label right...we will need all the help we can get! For this reason I am issuing the following statement or appel*...

                      *A CALL FOR HELP!*
Two ways that you, the reader, might help with the design of our wine label:
  1. by voting on the current prototypes (see poll, below)
  2. by submitting your own prototype (you design the wine label!)
     click this link for guidelines
In the meantime...back to the drawing board...yours.... and ours! My wish is to post reader "label art" so that all of us can review the possibilities. Then we can vote again on October 1st--when the entries will be posted online, side by side, along with the original prototypes. Please tell your grandmother, son,
friends, art class...anyone who might enjoy participating! In the meantime, don't forget to vote!

References: Si tu n'as rien de gentil à  dire, ne dis rien = If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all; une étiquette (f) = label; Cabanon dans les Vignes = Cottage in the Vines; une abeille (f) = bee; Sarment Sous La Lune = Vine shoot Beneath the Moon; mais non, chérie = no, dear; la colère (f) = anger; un appel (m) = appeal

                     Your turn to vote! (Click on photo to enlarge)
Note: the first label was made by a graphic artist--the second and third were pasted together by Jean-Marc during a brainstorming session. Leave your comments (and read others' opinions here).

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Etiquette. Le bonheur ou le malheur ne sont que des étiquettes que l'on met sur des réalités mouvantes, insaisissables.
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  mettre une étiquette à  quelqu'un = to pigeonhole someone

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