Chrysanthemums in Camaret-sur-Aigues, France (Vaucluse)

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la bévue (bay-vew) noun, feminine
   blunder, mistake

La mort, c'est ce qui nous échappe. L'ultime bévue.
Death, it is that which escapes us. The ultimate blunder.
--Francine Noël

Autumn leaves in the valley of the Rhone make for a pumpkin-colored countryside. Driving toward Nyons this morning, admiring Mother Nature's palette, I notice the full-figured flowers for sale at a roadside vendor. Chrysanthemums!

It may be Halloween back home, but here in France we're honoring* the dead, not hawking candy. (And while chrysanthemums are the way to show one's respect to those who "repose," you wouldn't want to offer what the French regard as funeral flowers to a hostess.... not unless you want her to begin planning yours.)

(Note to my friend Charles: you are forgiven.... Next time try tulips!)

References: honoring = (La Toussaint or "All Saints Day" is when the French decorate cemeteries with multi-colored chrysanthemums, honoring the dead)

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La bévue: La mort, c'est ce qui nous échappe. L'ultime bévue.
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