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French laundry & geese near the town of Camaret. My mom snapped this photo.

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revanche (ruh-vahnsh) noun, feminine

Don't get mad, get even!
Ne te mets pas en colère, prends ta revanche!


"The last few times I saw were...harboring a grudge against your fate...often in an almost comically childish way."*

Etty Hillesum's words speak to me as I stomp over to the laundry basket and slam dunk the ice cube tray. Call the act childish, but it feels good to get even with the tray tosser: he who takes the tray out of the freezer, twists the ice cubes free, selects out the unbroken ones, then tosses the tray into the
sink (or, putting a little effort into it, returns the EMPTY tray to the congélateur*).

Normally, I would fish the tray out of the évier,* refill all twelve "cubicles," then put the tray back into the freezer, sealing my fate as ice-cube maker with an icy shrug.

But this time I changed the routine... and that is how I found myself standing here, grinning into a laundry basket, where dirty socks now hide a long-harbored grudge. "Adieu* and toodleoo!" I sing, in a sincere Franco-American sendoff. Bon débarras!* That's one less ice cube tray to have to refill, the idea of which has me in the mood to offer the tray tosser a thoughtful toast:

May your next pastis be lukewarm!

                        *     *     *

Note: French Word-A-Day did not go out on Friday or Monday due to computer soucis.* Jean-Marc (a.k.a. The Tray Tosser) had a scream (or, "word") with our internet provider and, just like that, the line is back! If you are happy to have word-a-day back, you might raise a toast to Jean-Marc. In the meantime, I'm on my way over to the laundry basket... to fish out that ice cube tray and give 'er a thankful refill.

References: quote is from The Letters and Diaries of Etty Hillesum; le congélateur (m) = freezer; un évier (m) = sink; adieu = goodbye forever; bon débarras! = good riddance!; un soucis (m) = worry

:: Audio File ::
Listen to my son, Max, pronounce today's word & example sentence:
Revanche. Ne te mets pas en colère, prends ta revanche!

MP3 file: Download revanche.mp3
Wave file: Download revanche.wav

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Terms & Expressions:
  prendre sa revanche sur quelqu'un = to take one's revenge, to get even with
  en revanche = on the other hand
  jouer la revanche = to play the return match (sports)
  à charge de revanche = on condition that I do the same for you

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