The handpainted sign reads: "To live well: love well and let others say what they will". ("Pour bien vivre, bien aimer et laisser dire.")

attentionné,e (ah-tohn-syon-ay) adjective
  : thoughtful, considerate

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When my father returned home to Idaho, from France, he had a few foreign banknotes left over from his trip. Thoughtfully, he tucked the paper euros into a book and sent the money to me.

When the slim volume arrived, I admired its gold cover... until I remembered the gift inside (and dived in)! The cash lasted only seconds in my hand before my son walked into the room, his sleeves inching up and over his growing wrists....

And so I put the pognon into my pocket, the kids into the car, and the cash into two new winter coats. The children warm and snug, I returned home from the store to feel the chill of Hiver's approach. Shivering, I reopened my father's book and the warmth of his words enveloped me.

                                *     *     *

(My father's inscription read: "I'm very proud of you. Love, Dad.")

See a photo of my dad, here, at the end of this post, and discover the book Dad sent: "The Snow Goose" (set partly in France...). After reading that book, I ordered this French-themed story by the same author.

References: le pognon = cash, dough; l'hiver = winter
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(Uh oh. My French speaker is out in the grape fields, drilling holes for future vines... Perhaps, with a bit of payola, I can get my pint-size Francophones to "parler" on Wednesday...)

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