trémousser (tray-moos-ay) verb
  to wriggle, to jig about; to wiggle one's hips
  ...and, my favorite, "to bestir oneself"

Listen to my son, Max, pronounce today's word:
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To bestir oneself. That's one way to look at it. From another viewpoint, say, that of a mother standing at the head of her kitchen canteen, ladling soup out of a four-quart casserole, all this arm-flailing, head jerking, and torso-twisting looks about as poetic as elbows do on a neatly set table.

"Arrête de danser!" I remind Max. His sister, Jackie, who is seated en face,* grins. She's not dancing yet, but she is wearing a Tecktonik t-shirt. "The dance" even has a trademarked name!

While Tecktonik dancing began in Paris seven years ago, the craze, or "phénomène,"* ignited sometime last fall in our southern French town. Because the upper body is about all one needs to get grooving, Tecktonik dancing can be done just about anywhere, especially: in the doctor's office waiting-room, in the car on the way to school, while walking down a tree-lined boulevard on the way to buy baguettes, while brushing one's teeth, while doing one's homework, and even while being tucked into bed by one's mom. "Max, stop dancing!" I remind my son, trying to plant a kiss on his flash-dancing face.

One of the things that I like about Tecktonik -- besides the fact that it gets my son away from the computer and provides him a fitness break, is its "flashback" quality: Tecktonik dancers, in their waist-high slim-fit jeans and geometric tops, look as though they have stepped out of the 80s. I spent my teens in that decade; twenty some years later and all that 80's glam grandeur is flashing--and flailing--before my very eyes!

So that it may flash and flail before your very own, watch with me now a video of our own Tecktonik, bionic, glam-on-it dancer: "DJ Max" (sorry about the video lighting -- which could use some sort of "teck tonik" -- but it's the best we have for now):

References: en face = across from; le phénomène (m) = phenomenon

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