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s'en foutre

A mini-market in Villedieu

s'en foutre (sohn footre) colloquialism
  not to give a care, a toss a flying @#!!

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Il est des jours où Cupidon s'en fout.
There are days when even Cupid doesn't give a toss.

                                             --Georges Brassens

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The word "clafoutis" comes from the old French "claufir": to attach with nails. Perhaps all those cherry "heads" that cover the creamy flan-like dessert look like clous.* I don't know.

As for "attaching with nails," well, that's one way to stick to something! Speaking of sticking, whether like glue, or cement, or even spat gum to a rubber sole, I can't say that I have followed through with that food blog* that I began a few months ago....

Which brings me back to cla"fout"is and another word hunch: s'en "fout"re ("to not give a darn"). But I do give a darn, a clou, and even a stick (make that a chop chop)! I do want to chronicle on croquettes, crêpes, and the metaphysics behind French home economics.

While perusing the handwritten cookbook that my mother-in-law wrote for me, I came across several temptations. Still, I admit to being more tempted by the pretty French words than by the cooking effort ahead of them. Have a look:

"Tuiles aux Amandes" (Almond "Tile" Wafers)
"Bugnes de Louise" (Louise's Sweet Fritters)
"Riz aux Abricots" (Apricot Rice)
"Pain perdu à l'Espagnole" (French Toast)
"Croquettes "Fin de mois" (End of Month Croquettes)
"Soupe aux Cressons" (Watercress Soup)

Time now to vote! Please help me to decide what to bake, burn, or blog about next. Tick, check, cochez,* or give a quick "souris* peck" beside the recipe title that most intrigues you.

References: le clou (m) = nail; my French food blog; cochez (cocher) = to check off, tick off; la souris (f) = (computer) mouse

Check out this Francophile apron: Paris Metro Subway! And, in cookbooks: Simple French Food

Chocolate Truffles - French Truffles
Les Grandes Chansons Francaises: Classic Hits of French Song
In French Film: Un Coeur en Hiver ( A Heart in Winter )

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