A corner cafe in the French village of Rousset-les-Vignes

abrégé (ah-breh-zhay) noun, masculine
  an abstract, summary

"en abrégé" = in brief, in a nutshell ; in miniature; abbreviated (word)

Listen to my brother-in-law, Jacques, pronounce the French words "abrégé" + "en abrégé": Download abrege.mp3 . Download abrege.wav.

Je suis navrée!* Terribly sorry for filling your inbox, Wednesday, with two copies of my "canard."* To make it up to you, this one'll be quick-n-court.* Here for you now, is my mother-in-law's recipe, one I've been meaning to share. And, pour abréger,* I'll let YOU write the rest of this post... by dictation! So
grab a pen and listen, now, to Michèle-France read her vote-winning recipe:

"Croquettes 'Fin de Mois'" : click one of two formats to hear the recording:
MP3 file: Download croquettes-fin-mois.mp3
Wave file: Download croquettes-fin-mois.wav

PS: See the written recipe in the next edition or, rather, in the next "duck"!*

je suis navrée = I'm terribly sorry; le canard (m) = journal, gazette; court =
short; pour abréger = to cut it short, to be brief; Croquettes "Fin de mois" =
End of Month Croquettes); duck = French nickname for newspaper, journal...

In French Film: The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob - A classic comedy

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Moleskine Reporter (I love the "flip-top" and quadrille lines!)
Caudalie spritzer - refreshing! and with a great minty / rosemary fragrance!
My favorite "stylo"!: Varsity Disposable Fountain Pen

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