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une plaisanterie (play-zon-tree) noun, feminine
  : joke, jest, prank

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I overheard the following plaisanterie* while driving Max and his friend, Bastien, home from the town of Pontet (where they lost their basketball match):

Bastien: Max, what is the most fruity sport?
Max:  FRUITY sport? I don't know.

Bastien: La boxe française ...car je te mets une "pêche" ... en plein "poire"... et toi, tu tombes dans les "pommes" où tu ne peux plus ramener ta "fraise".....et tout ça pour des "prunes"!

Bastien explained to Max that the fruitiest sport is French boxing: "Because (when I'm boxing) I give you a "peach" ... right there in the "pear" ... and you fall into the "apples" ... where you don't dare show your "strawberry" (or "turn up" around here again)... and all that for a mere "prune"!

                                     *     *     *
To better understand Bastien's blague* here are some fruity French idioms:
   * une pêche (peach) = a "punch" or a "clout"
   * "en plein poire" (pear) = "right in the face"
   * "tomber dans les pommes" = to pass out
   * la fraise = "strawberry" (synonymous with "head")
   * "pour des prunes" ("for plums") = for nothing

We might throw a tomato or two into that fruity French boxing farce.... We could, for example, have the winning boxer (he who is now doing the tutti frutti victory dance, self-satisfied expression on his sweaty "poire" )... we could have him face an unhappy, rooting-for-the-other-guy crowd. Then, because we're a
little bit evil, spoiled sports and all, we could have that crowd "lancer des tomates"* (this, in a kiwi-quick manner before the sour-grape guards arrive -- and give us crab-apples a prune*). If you are confused, that's because this last paragraph was nothing but a salade* - a fruity one at that!

une plaisanterie
(f) = joke; blague; lancer des tomates = to throw tomatoes; une prune (f) = slang for "ticket"; une salade (f) = "tossed" tale (lie)

Listen to Jean-Marc pronounce the word "plaisanterie". He'll also read Bastien's "most fruity sport" blague, here: Download plaisanterie.mp3 . Download plaisanterie.wav

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Terms & Expressions:

  par plaisanterie = for fun, for a laugh
  une mauvaise plaisanterie = a silly joke (also: a spiteful trick)
  entendre la plaisanterie = to know how to take a joke
  tourner quelque chose en plaisanterie = to laugh something off
  faire des plaisanteries sur = to joke (at the expense of someone)

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