Chez le marchand de sirop / At the syrupmongers...

(mar-shan, mar-shand) noun, masculine/feminine
  merchant, trader; shopkeeper

While my book, Words in a French Life, has yet to be translated into French, there is a growing number of français who are reading the vignettes on life, chez eux. Receiving feedback from Francophone readers...from as far away as Toowoomba... is about as refreshing as a tall glass of lemonade--garnished with crushed ice and a sprig of purple lavender--on a lazy summer day. Here's a recent mèl from a French woman living in Australia:

Je m'appelle Sylvie, je suis française, originaire des Alpes de Haute-Provence, d'un petit village à 14 km de Saint-André-les-Alpes, donc pas très loin de chez vous. Je suis dans une situation similaire à la vôtre, marié à un australien, vivant en Australie, dans le Queensland et élevant trois enfants (10, 8 et 2 ans). J'admire la façon dont vous avez embrassé la France et y avez fait votre place. J'ai découvert votre livre "Words in a French Life" par hasard, chez un marchand de livres à Toowoomba,le titre m'a de suite attirée et je suis sortie avec le livre en poche. En le lisant, j'y ai retrouvé les couleurs et les odeurs de la Provence, c'est formidable. Merci.
Bonne continuation,

My name is Sylvie, I am French, from the Alps of Haute-Provence, from a little village 14 km from Saint-André-les-Alpes, therefore not too far from you. I am in a similar situation to you, married to an Australian, living in Australia, in Queensland, and rearing three children (10, 8 and 2-years-old). I admire the way in which you have embraced France and made your place there. I discovered your book "Words in a French Life" by chance, at a book store in Toowoomba, the title got my attention right away and I left with the book in my pocket. In reading it, I rediscovered the colors and odors of Provence; it's wonderful. Thanks.
Keep up the good work,

Back to today's word... and to several terms and expressions:
marchand en gros = wholesaler
marchand au détail
= retailer
marchand d'art = art dealer
marchand de glace = ice cream vendor
marchand de fromage = cheesemonger, cheese vendor
marchand de poisson = fishmonger
marchand de légumes = greengrocer, produce dealer
marchand de canons = arms dealer
marchand de biens = property agent
marchand ambulant
= hawker, traveling salesman

And a few unusual terms:
marchande d'amour = "seller of love" (prostitute)
marchand de couleurs = ironmonger
marchand des quatre saisons = street vendor
marchand de sable = sandman
marchand de soupe = greasy spoon (restaurant)

And last but not least... un marchand de vin! = wine merchant, vintner

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