Near Roaix (Vaucluse). No colliers here... just coquelicots.

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collier (kol-yay) noun, masculine
    : necklace, collar chain

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:: "Sweet Dreams" & Breakfast table conversation ::

Ten-year-old (dreamy) daughter: Guess what you bought me in my dream?
Forty-year-old (groggy) mommy:  Voyons*.... a horse!

Dreamy Daughter: (giggles) No...
Groggy Mommy: Hmmm.... un cobaye?*

Dreamy: (giggles) No...  un collier de bonbons!
Groggy: A candy necklace? Ouf!* That's much less expensive than a horse!

Dreamy : (giggles of agreement)
Groggy:  So, you eat bonbons during the day, silly you, and you eat bonbons in the night now, too. Well, that must be sweet!

Dreamy: Yes, it WAS... until you woke me up for school!


voyons (voir) = let's see; un cobaye (m) = guinea pig (also "un cochon d'Inde"); ouf! = phew!

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Terms & Expressions:
  collier de chien = dog collar
  collier de serrage = clamp
  collier de perles = pearl necklace
  collier de fleurs = garland, lei
  donner un coup de collier = to put one's "all" into it, to make a special effort

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