How do you say "baptism" in French? A Holy moment in Lourdes, France

How to say "sign" in French + 8 things you can't do in Lourdes, France

A sign or pancarte outside an entrance to Lourdes.

pancarte (pahn-kart) noun, feminine
    : sign, notice, road sign; placard

French definition by Petit Larousse: une pancarte: "[un] Panneau, [ou] plaque portant une inscription ou un avis destiné au public."

Audio File: listen to my daughter, Jackie, pronounce today's word and French definition:
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A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse

In the intermission between yesterday's Lourdes story and tomorrow's conclusion, here are 8 things that are prohibited at the holy lieu de pèlerinage*:

Interdits à Lourdes (Prohibited at Lourdes):

1. Les chiens ("dogs" ... or animals in general)

2. Les cornets de glace ("ice cream cones" ... or snacks)

3. Les cigarettes ("cigarettes")

4. Les vêtements de plage ("beach clothing")

5. Les téléphones portables (mobile phones)

6. Interdit de mendier ("begging is prohibited")

7. Attention aux voleurs ("watch out for pickpockets")

8. Pas de bicyclette ("no bikes")


... I should add that asking the candle-machine refiller guy (a contemplative frère?*) for his photo is prohibited too (but feeling super duper dumb and déplacée* for asking is not).

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un lieu (m) de pèlerinage = place of pilgrimage; un frère (m) = a brother; déplacé(e) = out of line (misplaced)

French signage - pancartes: bilingual "Exit / Sortie" sign: add French flair to your chez vous with these industrial multilingual messages. Also (for your teen's chambre?): "Authorized Personnel Only" - "Réservé au Personal Authorisé" or Espace Clos Ne Pas Entrer sans Permis...and for the bathroom... "Wash hands before returning to work" or Se laver les mains avant de retourner au travail & "Défense de Fumer"

In French film: Army of Shadows: Jean-Pierre Melville's masterpiece about the French resistance against the Nazi Occupation went unreleased in the United States for thirty-seven years before its triumphant theatrical release in 2006.

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