The writing on the wall reads "à la cholle". Don't ask me what that means as I have no idea. Perhaps someone from Brittany (where the photo was taken) will know?

Ahhh. Looks like such a calm, placid scene (above), but just behind it, there is a flurry-blurry of activity. And while it looks as if we are in Brittany, we are not! Today, we bottle more of the wine! Here follows a shortened edition where I leave you to do the work (via your stories. Read on...)

banc (bahnk) noun, masculine
    : bench

Do you--or does the person sitting next to you...know the word for banc in another language? Thanks for sharing the translation, here.

Hear my daughter, Jackie, pronounce today's word and this example:
"Banc. Assieds-toi sur ce banc."
Download banc.mp3 . Download banc.wav

L'amour est une botte de radis achetée à Tarascon et croquée sur un banc avec du gros sel. Love is a bunch of radishes, bought in Tarascon, and munched with salt while sitting on a bench.
-- Frédéric Beigbeder

Getting to know each other...
Like I said, the comments box is a new feature and a great way to share and, you know, se connaître. So here's today's question:

Where is your favorite place to sit? In a park, in front of a fireplace, on a bench in the city while watching the world file by? In an airport? Under a tree? In a train?

Do you slouch when you sit? ... or do you remind yourself to sit up straight? Have you got one of those good, ergonomic ($$$) chairs? ... or can you sit on any ol' thing as long as your kid brother hasn't scattered tacks across the surface? Thanks for your partage in the comments box, below.

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