...antique coffee grinder, lampshade, cross, tennis ball, ruler, picture frame, chain thingy... hmmm... what to choose for today's word? Sometimes the answer is staring you right in the face, in big, bold BLUE:

pichet (pee-shay) noun, masculine
    : pitcher, jug

(From old French "pichier")

un pichet de vin = a carafe of win

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Getting To Know Each Other

Though French Word-A-Day began in October of 2002, comments weren't "enabled" until last month. Since, I have  been kicking myself in the side for not enabling sooner! In addition to the translations that are coming in from all four corners of the world, it is a pleasure to read your stories, via the comments box, and to share them, finally, with other readers.

Because I find it difficult (daunting?) to comment on other people's blogs (my inner critique tells me: You never have anything cool or witty to say and, besides, the words just don't come out right, or Just what is your motivation for commenting, anyway?)... Like I said, because I get all weird about cold feet commenting--and because maybe I'm not the only one--I have taken to adding questions to the end of these word-a-day posts. This way, if you don't feel like commenting on the post itself... then you might be inspired to answer one of the questions or to translate the word of the day... or to add your own language savoir-faire.

So here are some questions for you today (in theme, and not, with today's word): What do you put in your pichet? Wine, water, lemonade... flowers, spare change... les poissons rouges? Is your jug made of glass, porcelain, plastic, earthenware, copper, silver... stainless steel? Modern or antique? Is it dishwasher safe or do you carefully handwash it after each use?  Have you ever had to glue it back together? Who gave it to you and/or where does it come from?

Bon. Not up to talking about your jugs, er, pitchers? How about this: Do you know the word for pichet in another language? Do you know any expressions that go along with today's word?

Comments (and corrections...) welcome in English, French, or Franglais.


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