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plouc (plook) noun, masculine
    : country bumpkin, hick, yokel

adjective: dowdy

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I waved goodbye to the journalist, who was especially beautiful and poised -- graceful in a lovely scarf and gold earrings... just enough, not too much.

I looked down, at my own outfit, shook my head. What was I thinking? Menswear? Next time, I would wear heels... and remember to quit wearing Jean-Marc's socks.

"How did the interview go?" my husband asked, as we stood in the driveway, saluting the journalist as she drove away.

"I talk too much. Blah, blah, blah. Blah, blah, blah." Jean-Marc smiled, knowingly.

"Worse, I sound like a country bumpkin when I speak."
"What is a "country bumpkin"?*" Jean-Marc wanted to know.
"It's the opposite of bourgeoisie."

"Oh," Jean-Marc sympathized. His eyes searched the grape fields for an answer, which he soon found, his focus now on the tractor... just beyond the tumble-down mailboxes. There was a peacefulness and playfulness to what he said next, and it somehow set the record straight.

"Mais, Chérie. Tu es un country bumpkin!"*

                                *     *     *
Interview Tips... or "Plooky"* Behavior to Avoid during a Professional Entretien*

 => Don't use toilet paper to dry your nose. ( matter how much you sweat).

=> Don't serve journalist tap water. (Stock the fridge with soda, once & for all!)

=> Don't mention former fiancé... (find another way, besides name-dropping, to spice up your story)

=> Do not accept journalist's offer to help with laundry. (Next time, get the pajamas off the clothesline before the media arrive.)

=> Don't mention Jesus. Especially mention Jesus! (...and don't forget to throw your arms up into the air -- and wave your whole body in conviction!)

P.S.: I will let you know when the interview is published...

country bumpkin = un plouc (m); un entretien (m) = interview; plooky = (Franglais for "hicklike", based on today's word); Mais, Chérie-- tu es un country bumpkin!" = But, Dear -- you are a country bumpkin!

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