Those lime-green leaves are just itching to tickle that lemon of a Citroën.

Guili-Guili! Gallic Gazettes for you today!

Ticklish? Vous craignez les chatouilles (fear the tickles...)? Then you'd better go and hide under the bed, with the dust bunnies, lest our furled Francophile fingers find you (!) and unleash a string of snorts from your inner laughing court. Guili-guili!* Gitchy, gitchy!--we're tickling today:

CHATOUILLER (shaah-tooy-ay) verb
    : to tickle

Hear today's word and phrase ("Vous craignez les chatouilles"?): Download Chatouiller . Download Chatouiller

(OK, to be truthful, I had no French word to match today's topic, so witness, now, one wordsmith's attempt to MAKE today's term FIT into today's theme, the theme being Other People's Blogs on France):

As I was about to say... to wake somebody up, you might tickle their toes with a feather or, if you're really evil, you might poke your finger into their armpit. (We hate that!) Have no fear, we're sticking to those feathery "wake up" tickles today, the kind that awaken awareness and cause curiosity -- and the one thing we are all curious about here, is FRANCE... and the FRENCH!

So today, we're tickling each other into awareness about other sites and blogs
dedicated to France, the French, and the French language.

Here's how to participate (or "tickle" back):

=> Share with us a blog or site about France or French life via this link.

It can be your own blog (please don't be shy!), it might be your daughter's, cousin's, or grandmother's blog... Maybe it is a friend's blog... or the website of your "pire ennemi" (or "foe")? In that case, it's time to give up the green (the little green monster) and tell us about that great Gallic gazette
(or blog, or site, or newsletter...) that you secretly enjoy. Spill the beans, get it out, scour the net, leave no stone unturned. Guili-guili-guili, gitchy, gitchy, goo, we want to discover more of France, we're just itching too!

(Side note: Have you been itching to start your own blog on "something French" so as to share your experience, savoir faire, or souvenirs with us Francophiles? Here's the best advice I've ever heard: "If you build it, they will come." So here we are, fingers curled just waiting to tickle back... What are you waiting for? Start that blog! ... and be sure to enter it into the recommended blog links (via the comments box) here.

Let's start those recommendations now, I'll begin:
For a delightful peek into French life in the Ardèche region, check out Rachel Pommier's blog. She's an American writer married to a fetching, faith-filled, Frenchman (Raphael!). Along with three darling demoiselles, they make their home (and their wine) in the beautiful Ardèche region. More, here.

More French / France related sites here:

For the French Blog Directory submit your site, or another's, here.

NOTE! In order for the suggested site links to be clickable, make sure to prepend the site address with http://  (add http:// before the "www").
* Today's vocabulary: guili-guili = tickle-tickle!

Book: "Chasing Matisse" by James Morgan:

Painless French: grammar, pronunciation, idioms, idiocies (culture) and more!

Songs in French for Children - Chantons, Let's sing along in French!

Lego Make & Create Café Corner

"Petit Papa Noël" by Tino Rossi

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Jules Greer

Hi Everyone of you wonderful readers of French=Word-A-Day. I have a blog - it's
a mess, Kristi gave it to me last year for
my NEW YEARS DAY PRESENT. I am still too
shy to tell you the name. Let me go over and look at it again and decide if I have
the guts to open it up for you. I only
have three posts. My goal is for it to
showcase my favorite photo's of Kristi's and
it will be center around my postcards of
advice to my Darling Kristi.



Kristin Espinasse

Go, Mom! (Cheering for you over here.) Let's see your blog!

Jules Greer

Kristi Darling,

Is that little car in the photo my Christmas
present??? I'll never forget the day Jean-Marc turned me loose in his car to traverse
the backroads of France. That was the day
you took the photo of the wonderful black and white dog in the window with the white
"@" sign painted on the window. Of course this will be a future painting.


Kristin Espinasse

OK, shhh, let's quit talking, Mom. We're trying to build a French / France Blog directory here... LOVE, K.

Ann at Cooking the Books

What a wonderful way to learn about other French blogs! I have one too, about my adventures eating and cooking (and reviewing cook books) in Paris at I look forward to visiting the other links posted here!

Jules, I hope you will post your blog!

Kristin Espinasse

Thanks, Ann. Your blog is delicious.

Note to all: If the suggested links aren't clickable, please copy the link and paste it into that window (can't think of what it's called, you know the address window, just after "http://" )

Also, when submitting a link, try prepending the www address with "http://"

Teresa Enge.... (shoot, I've forgotten how to spell it!) a middle school teacher at Durham Academy in Durham, NC, has spent the last 6 months as a chef assistant in Arles.
She's actually on her way home now. Some great recipes.

If anyone is interested, I was just able to download Charles Trenet's Que-Reste-t-il from Verizon's ringtone store. It is now the alarm clock and main ring tone on my phone. What a lovely soothing way to way up in the morning! The only other "close to french" that I found was Eartha Kitt, Lets Fall In Love & Santa Baby


Good morning from snowy Montana.
The following blog isn't TOTALLY French, but it is a favorite. Pia is an Australian living on a houseboat in Amsterdam. She has a French boyfriend and takes several sidesteps into France during the year ... enough for me to say that the blog has somewhat of a French flavor.


This blog by an American living in the Loire Valley is often about food:

This one is a bit different: my French friend is blogging currently about her travels in Southeast Asia (she's there for several months). It's a wonderful way to practice reading colloquial French:

I enjoy both of these very much.

Debbie in Baltimore

Hi Kristin and Commenters: One of my favorite blogs, written by a young American woman living in Paris, is La Coquette, at She is a fashion editor for a Chicago magazine/website, she writes all about her Paris fashion assignment experiences as well as observations about Paris life, in general, and her writing skills are top-notch. She also has a great sense of humor! Happy reading!


While many tourist consider Paris a summer destination, we love it year-round! here's a link to a blog that I posted so that family and friends could keep up with our activities on winter visits in 2006 & 2007.
Unfortunately the .mac blog that followed is no longer available, but my newer "photos only" site containing France photos and much more, is. Please check it out at:

"French Word a Day" is a great place to expand your practical vocabulary! Big thank-you's to Kristin!!!!


I'll add mine:
It's a bit of cooking, a lot of an expat living in France (without a French husband...that must be handy at times)
and right now a lot about restoring an old french country/farm house...
I know you can relate to that....


I stumbled upon this blog by mistake looking to bake something. I found many delicious recipes from Clotilde in this blog and her books also have great recipes.

thomas cupples

My hopefully funny, sometimes irreverent blog aimed at sharing my French experiences with all who are interested.

thomas Cupples

ooops - forget my URL


Est-ce qu'on peut indiquer les blogs qui sont ecrits en francais? Merci!

Lynn McBride

OK Jules, give it up, what's that blog address? We want to read it. And painting the Citroen is a great idea. By the way, forgot to ask, did you do that fabulous painting of the wine bottles? Love it. And The Pear was even better in person.

Kristi has inspired me to start my blog, but I'm still searching for the perfect name. It will be a memoir of living in a 14th century chateau with a French couple for several years. With recipes, because I love to cook--and since I'm from the deep south, it will be a southern/french fusion cusine. Stay tuned! Look forward to reading all those other interesting blogs.
P.S. Love that word, Chatouille. A good name for my next cat.
Lynn in Burgundy

is my other favorite-besides FrenchWordADay. It is written by our friend Corey. Other FrancoAmerican blogs are Paris Parfait, Poppy Fields, Dispatches from France and Put Your Flare On.

jr from San Diego

An excellent blog is Parler Paris by Adrienne Leeds.

Vivienne Mackie

I love your French Word-a-Day and always look forward to getting it. Thanks now for the chance to share blog info.
My blog is not 100% French related, but mostly focuses on France, so I hope some of you have fun poking around it.


It isn't a blog site but I have found a web based language learning solution integrating online instructional content with a global community of language learners.

I have found the site very useful for improving my French language skills and the online community has afforded me the opportunity to interact with French speaking people all over the world, countries such as Moracco, Argentina, Chad, China, and many more.


See prior post. I forgot to include the URL. :-)


Well, I remembered it but it isn't taking for some reason.

Cut and paste into your web browser:


A friend made me do it. She made me share my blog "French Lessons" with you. Each week I write a story about living here in la Cote d'Azur city of Antibes. Hopefully the postings are culturally insightful; hopefully they're a bit funny, too. Whatever the case, I have one rule: What I write has to be TRUE, at least as I see it through my Anglo-American-Quebecois household. And that's the weird thing. At first I worried whether I'd find enough stories to write. Now I have to choose what to voila, every bit is TRUE! Here's the site:

Kim DeMent

Salut Kristi,

This is a stretch for me also. I am still building my Blog from a trip journal website I kept to share with family and friends the adventures of 2 non-French speaking adults, moving to the South of France, so our French speaking 9-year old could attend school. Plenty of tongue in cheek, travel tips, and personal disasters. Maybe if I know someone wants to read more, I'll get around to posting more stories. [email protected]

Your fan and friend from Portland, Oregon,


Here's my blog about our family's life in France...three times a week, a short essay or sometimes just some thoughts about expat life.

This is a web site for a group blog. It features excerpts (which you click and expand) for a number of Paris-based blog writers. Always something interesting and diverse. Of course, your blog is the one I read most faithfully.


I am also an American married to a Frenchman. We live in North Carolina and run a bon bon company, South 'n France Bon Bons. Our blog, addresses 3 things I love: France, the South, and chocolate. There is a category called "France" and you can find lots of fun posts there, including links to other franco-friendly blogs (there are at least two about French Word a Day!).


Hi Kristin,

Yours is the only blog I read, French or otherwise, and I read it every day. A client in New Orleans sent me the link last year and I got hooked right away. Great presentation and writing, and you are also a talented photographer!

We are in the process leaving Hawaii behind after 8 years and moving to Washington state. I may start a non-French-related blog there, and if I do, I'll model it after yours, which I think is terrific.


My favorite friend-living-in-France blog is "French Letters," by writer and chef Abra:

Beautiful photography, thoughtful and insightful writing, great food.


You've already listed Corey's blog, but here's another of my favorites - an American living the 'sweet life' in France


Kristin--I read two blogs--yours and Parler Paris. I found them both by accident when in a fit of pique I typed in the words "rent apartment Paris" and soon learned I could keep up on all matters Parisian; voila. And perhaps you were mentioned on her blog? All I know is that is was magic! I don't want to live without them!!! Blessings, eve

Eve Robillard

K--And yes, I want to see Jules' blog!!! eve


I found this blog right here in the right hand column, which has been the source of lots of good "finds" on France.

The blog author is a French woman who lived in Sydney, Australia for several years and has moved back to Avignon. I love it - and between Kristi and Nathalie I am inspired to become a better photographer.


Hi, My name is Roy, and I have a French language learning site called "Let's Learn French Together" where I am learning & helping others to learn only needed words & phrases one would need if traveling to France. I post a Phrase & lesson once day. They are small lessons intended so that in the long run (maybe 1 - 2 years we will all know much more French than we know now. It's free & fun -Roy


Here's the link I forgot to post

Stephanie's my blog address:

what a good idea, to have all these postings---i'm finding lots of new sites to check!


Here's my new blog, I'm an American living outside of Paris, I'm married to a French man. I disabled the comments feature because I was getting spam and weird entries from people I didn't know, it got to be too much work to monitor that. So now's it's a read-only format, sorry for that, as I welcome visitors!


Great idea - wish I had enough time to check into all these resources, will do what I can!
Meanwhile, my Paris Fitness website is useful for those looking for exercise in Paris:
And I do a blog but not consistently from rue Cler in the 7th, at


What fun! I can't wait to look at every blog that's linked here. I'm a franco-phile from way back and besides brief trips here, I've been able to live in Paris for 2 months at a time the past three autumns. I make friends jealous back home with my photos of food and our walks around the City. My Archives for Sept. Oct. 2006, and Nov. Dec. 2007, as well as my current posts are all Paris. Come visit me at


Hi Kristin,

"Pas de contretemps fâcheux", but just a few days away and off the internet.

Here I am now, back in front of my laptop, "chatouillant avec ma souris" the above lines, clicking, making my list of blogs. To tell you the truth, I never spent time reading people's blogs apart from yours, after bumping into it some time in 2007.
Not long ago, I noticed Catherine Stock's website, and recently Ann's blog (cooking reviews). It's only this morning that I realised your blog has got "LINKS" - bottom right hand side - leading us to impressive lists of blogs and websites!
In a way, I feel like an outsider, but so happy to have discovered your WORDS and your WINE, and your photos... and much more... Thanks!

PS -> some catching up to do... must go and explore "Contretemps" and the videos, and have another look at the little statue. Exciting!


I see that my beloved blog French Letters has already been mentioned (thanks, Karen!) but I'd like to add a food blog that I really enjoy en français that hasn't appeared here yet, La Tartine Gourmande:


I'm a big fan of the BD Blogs. Yllya's artwork is adorable and you can check other BD Blogs through her Liens* on the side.





What a great idea to invite bloggers in France for to make themselves known! I'm really happy to know there's a Paris Fitness blog now. Alison, Parisgirl will be knocking at your door very soon!
Likewise, please drop in to see me at
And Kim, in Portland, do you know about ''? If not, be sure to visit their site for inspiration.
Parislogue has a new format now. It's new logo is Why Go Paris? French-Word-a-Day remains one of our favorites!


Seeing the Citroen in the picture reminded me that my first experience of driving on the right was in Martinique, this year on holiday from Sydney Australia! who would choose a tiny volcanic island, tortuous road system for their first drive? It was a small 'Twingo' car- which helped!
If I had known the word 'saperlipopette' I would have been using it all day!
Later I also drove in Provence and mercifully, the roads were not crowded.
Amicalement Bob

Nancy Kramer

Sparrows offers the Baltimore-Washington corridor an incomparable selection of French antiques, including 18th through early 20th century furniture, lighting, ironwork, sculpture, paintings, majolica, faience and pottery, country to formal, in a full range of styles and periods up to and including Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Art Moderne. If you're in Washington, please come visit us!

The Traveling Professor

I am a college professor who runs a Paris travel website at

I have a blog, forum, and a free classified advertisement section where you can post and find an apartment, see what's happening in Paris, find a guide, and buy/sell/swap just about anything else.

Best of all, you can download my free Paris travel guide. It's been downloaded by over 10,000 people already.


Check this guy out!

I learnt French in a weekend! is utterly wild!




This delightful blog post explores the French word "chatouiller," which means "to tickle." The author shares a charming anecdote about tickling her children and reflects on the simple joys of parenthood and the laughter it brings. The accompanying photographs and vivid descriptions add to the whimsical nature of the post. It's a lovely reminder of the beauty of everyday moments and the power of language to capture those experiences. French grammar

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