la Grande Ours


They say "when one door closes... une autre s'ouvre..." See another photo, below. photos © Kristin Espinasse

souscrire (soo-skreer) verb

    : to subscribe

A Day in a *Newsletter's* Life...
They say "change is good" and I've been trying to subscribe to this mighty morsel of sagesse since last summer... when the email listserver for this newsletter doubled in price. Ouch! (Make that: Aïe!).

Around about that time, I began losing long-time sponsors. Then, almost as a premonition of what was to come, website ad revenue--designed to cover web/newsletter expenses and, dare I say, to help support our family of 5 (can we count Braise-the-Dog?)--dropped... to but a shadow of its former "self".

"Le crash" or the economy "happened" -- even here at home (literally), where a heavy-handed housewife watched, in awe, as her home-spun business buckled. That's when this "little newsletter that could," found itself operating on fire wood!

"Well," I thought, looking at the bright side,
"fire wood can be good--
though central heating is that much more pleasing!"

Of course these email broadcasts aren't fueled by fire -- but what else--if not "wood"--rhymes with "could"? If you have enjoyed these sometimes quirky, hopefully informative emails on French life... then please be sure to follow me as I move my list over to a more affordable alternative!

*To continue receiving this free newsletter, please follow these easy steps.*

1. Click on the following link to enter your email address

2.  Check your inbox* and find the confirmation message. Respond to it!

3. Unsubscribe to the former list via the unsubscribe link at the end of the "old" newsletter (sent by my wanadoo address). If the link is not clickable, then please copy and paste it into the browser window!

Many thanks for your support and for continuing to read this French word journal, still standing in its seventh year!

Please send any and all questions to the comments box, only--where answers & updates can be posted for all to see.

P.S.: While you're here, why not invite another friend to join French Word-A-Day? Forward this blog address, where a shiny new sign up box beckons.

... and, in France, when one wooden shutter closes... another opens up! photo © Kristin Espinasse

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merde! still singin yesterday's song!


Okay, Kristin --- I am making the jump! Geronimooooooooo ............................
(See you on the other side of cyber space)


Hi Kristin,
I forwarded this to my french classmates. I'm sure my instructor will do the same.
Jeanne LaCasse

Julie Schorr

Yesterday one of my students offered her ipod with the song for us to listen to after we read the word-of-the-day and the story. I was pleasantly surprised someone in high school had "Drive my car" on the ipod! It was also a new experience for me to be happy, for a change, that someone brought an ipod to class!


Change is always good! But I tell ya: you really should consider putting together a book with your architectural images and amusing commentary.... throw in a few recipes "Au Pif" and it's sheer perfection.


Whoa -- that was fast, but I feel a little woozy. Okay, I received your new e-mail and your new site, but I do not see a comment box anywhere on the new site. Have I lost my way? KRISTIN!!! ARE ... YOU ... THERE????


Done, my friend~! Hoping the widget's config does not change as it's a feature on my blog, but I'll keep an eye on it and redo if necessary. Love your work ... God bless and bon chance!


Oh, Angela!!! That is a wonderful idea!


I think you'll be a lot happier with feedburner. I've been using it for a while myself and have been happy. And it's free!


Change is hard, but always good! I shall see you on the other site and look forward to my thrice weekly bits of France!



Thank you for the cheers of encouragement. It's been months since I have been debating making the switch!

Jeanne: thanks for telling your class and spreading the word!

Diane: still giggling over your "Geronimoooooo!"

PS: Good point about the comments: I'll have to remember to include the comments box link in the email (that is the version you were seeing, and not the website. With the photos and clickable links, it sure looks like the website. But you'll recognize the blog by its booklists which flank the story column :-) Do check out the books & thanks for your support!

Clifford: great to get your feedback on feedburner!

Jenny: thanks for using the widget at your blog. Off to check out your site now :-)


Done! And I have to say, I feel your pain... The same thing is happening with my attempt to keep food on the table via a website...
One hardly expects the doings of the mighty to affect us little internet folk...
Bonne chance!


Note: the website / blog is the same address ( and has not changed. Only the newsletter delivery address (and listserver) has changed.

Those of you who signed up before 3 p.m. (France time) have received the new newsletter. Those who are signing up now will see what the new format looks like on Friday.

Lisa Fry

Merci Beaucoup Kristin for being such a resourceful and loyal friend to your adoring readers! I will follow and support you wherever you go!


Jan Marquardt

Great--a chance for us to change our email addresses with the subscription as well! Good luck with this and yes, the idea to put your photos into a publication is brilliant!


Email Subscription Confirmed!
Can't wait to see how your new blog is going to look... Ánimo y buena suerte querida Kristin!


I agree that these are "interesting" times... I think one of my largest clients may be about to "disappear" too. Never mind, it will give me more time to spend in the garden... :-)

Fred Caswell

Dear Kristi, I suspect there are very few who fear making changes on their home ordinteurs more than I. Usually the directions &/or tech words are baffling and initial attempts into a change only leads to greater consternation and frustrated abandonment of the effort!

This time your directions were clear and brief leading to expectations of continued contacts with a now famous ecrivain whom this geezer is happy and proud to have followed, supported, and loved as a special friend from her early days of French Word-A-Day.

Looking forward to Friday to learn that contacts continue... affecteusement toujours


I am new to your site but so glad I stumbled upon. I plan to follow you at your new place.

Bonne Chance!


Kent Comfort

Your new website setup looks better and it works better on my system. Good job!

Franklin Levin

Hello Kristin:
It is a pleasure to move on with you.
As Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Starship Enterprise said, "Let's see what's out there!"
The change has been made and I await the new version.
Will Jean-Marc's sometimes active list move as well?

Ian Hamby

I'm glad I caught this, I've been enjoying your site for about three years...that said, I think I'll scroll back up and click on the link.


Hank Sweet

Glad to hear you're not stopping - love your witty commentaries on life in France. (And life in general.)
See you on the new site.


Hi Kristin,

"Ça y est! Ma souscription est faite".
Next job now:
"Je dois me désinscrire de la vieille liste".
Et voilà, c'est fait! La page est tournée.

Very happy to hear 'feedburner' is free and will solve the financial issue.
Can't wait to see the new face of your blog on Friday.

One point:
So far, on the side of each post (on this post, top left), we were given the French word highlighted in the actual post and in the previous 4. I've never found any way of reaching the 'words' belonging to the years before I became a member.
I'm wondering whether in your new version you would consider installing the ARCHIVES (without too much trouble). This would give us lists of words you chose each week / month / year... It would be most useful to everyone interested in your blog.
What do you think about the idea?
On the other hand, there may be some Archives I haven't found out yet!...


whew...that was an exciting morning jumping around cyberspace all before off to iron shirts and make sure schoolbags are packed!!

Donni Betts

I'm not sure how to unsubscribe from the "old" newsletter. Where do I find it?
Thanks, Donni

Shandy Burton

Bonjour Kristin! Hang in there...hopefully the economy will pick-up within the next year or so!

I love French-Word-A-Day and I have made the move to your new list.

Have a good day!

G.M. malliet

What a gorgeous photo. But then, your photos always are...

Karen from Phoenix, AZ

I was unable to find the unsubscribe for the "old" newsletter too!


Dear Kristi... I feel I can call you that now that your Momma Jules and I are facebook buddy's... EVERYONE love's you, and I'm sure we'll all jump to the other side. I bet if you asked for donations people would give those too!!! Or maybe you could have a wine auction, a lovely bottle of Jean-Marc's Domaine Rouge-Blue (Autographed)... Just a thought.

Devra Long

Bonjour Kristin and toute la famille FWAD!
I just did it; whew!!!
I didn't want to be left behind!


I recently came upon a new twist to the "one door closes, another one opens" phrase - sometimes you have to wait a while in the hall

I'll keep reading!


Valencia Siff

On attend avec impatience! Nous avons tous souscrit! On vous suit!

sue in simon's town za

Very smooth transition!


Yes, I'm coming too! Don't want to get left behind.
Merci pour tout!


Nancy loBalbo

Okay, made the leap...See you on the flip side, I hope!
Good Luck!
Nancy L


Hard times require courage, and inspire creativity. Stand tall, keep the faith, and remember that anything is possible. Only good can prevail from such a great site. Bonne Chance, Kristin!


I can't lose you Krisin, I've been reading FWaD since 2004 and I appreciate all that you do to keep it going. Are there ways I/all those who love FWaD can better support you?
I know it's a huge project but Please DO consider the the idea of publishing a book of your photographs they're excellent Some stories and recipes within would be nice too. Hopefuly I've 'clicked' the right things and done and undone everything enough to see you on Friday. Bonne Chance, Merci -Claudia

Zoe Willet

I don't know if I'm more stupid or frustrated, but I don't see how to unsubscribe to the old blog. (But I did subscribe to the new one.)


I just made the switch, but as related by Zoe, I also, could not find the place to unsubscribe to the old blog. Must be the older brain cells just are working properly but I'm looking forwarding to many more years of a French-Word-A-Day.


Your word of the day made me laugh outloud. I have this funny love-hate relationship with a certain group of French words. They are -
These words all seem the same to me and, of course, they are nothing alike in meaning. I don't remeber what it was, but the last time I was in Paris, I came across another one. My dear friend wrote them down, each with it's meaning, on a piece of paper for me that I treasure, just in case I get the pork store and saurkraut confused.

Now, there's souscrire. I feel overwhelmed at the likeness of these words. For one with very limited French, always wanting to learn more, it seems like I take two steps forward and then get hit with a chouchou word :)


oops. meant to type charcuterie (see how confusing these words are - even to the fingers on they keyboard!)


Alors, on y va! Nous nous voyons dans l'autre site. Merci et bonne chance avec la nouvelle site.
Bill en Libye

Eve Robillard

Kristin--OK, c'est un fait accomplis.
And I agree with the person who suggested you create a book featuring your photographs.
Il sont incroyables! eve

Dianne Hope

Will try to move! Your info has ben much appreciated since my move to this lovely country in 2007. Agree the comments about your photos!! Hope my move to new site is successful as I would hate to lose touch. Dianne.

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