la Grande Ours


They say "when one door closes... une autre s'ouvre..." See another photo, below. photos © Kristin Espinasse

souscrire (soo-skreer) verb

    : to subscribe

A Day in a *Newsletter's* Life...
They say "change is good" and I've been trying to subscribe to this mighty morsel of sagesse since last summer... when the email listserver for this newsletter doubled in price. Ouch! (Make that: Aïe!).

Around about that time, I began losing long-time sponsors. Then, almost as a premonition of what was to come, website ad revenue--designed to cover web/newsletter expenses and, dare I say, to help support our family of 5 (can we count Braise-the-Dog?)--dropped... to but a shadow of its former "self".

"Le crash" or the economy "happened" -- even here at home (literally), where a heavy-handed housewife watched, in awe, as her home-spun business buckled. That's when this "little newsletter that could," found itself operating on fire wood!

"Well," I thought, looking at the bright side,
"fire wood can be good--
though central heating is that much more pleasing!"

Of course these email broadcasts aren't fueled by fire -- but what else--if not "wood"--rhymes with "could"? If you have enjoyed these sometimes quirky, hopefully informative emails on French life... then please be sure to follow me as I move my list over to a more affordable alternative!

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Many thanks for your support and for continuing to read this French word journal, still standing in its seventh year!

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... and, in France, when one wooden shutter closes... another opens up! photo © Kristin Espinasse

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