moitie moitie

Is this field of poppies "Half full or half empty"? Such philosophy can make or break one's day! (Watercolor by Dr. Warren Plauche.)

moitié moitié (mwa-tee-ay mwa-tee-ay) expression

  : halved, shared, fifty-fifty ; so-so

faire moitié moitié = to go halvsies
à moitié moitié = by halves

Read about the lastest art showing, below, and find out how to buy a painting from the artist.


A Day in a French Life...
by Kristin Espinasse

Oh, boy! What a morning! A "so-so" internet connection (half on, half off...), a half-day at school for the kids ( = half as much time to create this newsletter...), a half-night's sleep... and now a half-baked edition?

Let's hope not! Speaking of halves, or halvsies, enjoy today's photo-painting vernissage: half of the images are photos that I have taken, the other half are paintings (based on the photos) by artist Warren C. Plauche.

This is Dr. Plauche's second vernissage ("art exhibition") at French Word-A-Day (see the first one here and the story behind it, here). This one is titled "VerNaissance". Dr. Plauche explains that he wanted the term to translate to "true rebirth" en Anglais".  Learn more about this water colorist here, and if you would like to purchase a painting, you may contact the artist directly: wooney [AT] .

Click here to view the photo-painting gallery. One more note... I ran out of time and was not able to post the titles to these paintings. I hope Dr. Plauche doesn't mind if we turn this into a You Name It game. Please help me name these picture-paintings by adding your title to the comments box. The works are currently titled "A", "B", "C"....

Merci d'avance for participating in today's "Name That Painting!" (or "Name That Photo" if you prefer!)

Note: all photos are best viewed here!


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Kent Comfort

loved your real life interpretation of the dog and painting scene. Very clever!

Debbie Chavers

Well,this is going to be a nice "I told you your photography was ART!" The artist did a wonderful rendition of your photographic art. Beautiful job! to both the artists.

Myra Wood

Thank you so much for sharing more of Dr. Plauche's paintings! I've enjoyed them tremendously!
Myra Wood


Oh my gosh what an incredible treat! I love love love these photos and their painted interpretations! Wonderful job, both of you!



So much to catch after my absence.

Suggestions for titles:

A/ Coquelicots à perte de vue
(Poppies, as far as the eye can see)

B/ Azur, briques & bouteilles
(Azure, bricks and bottles)

C/ Kakis en fête
(Persimmons in a festive mood)

D/ "Le bateau ivre"
("Le bateau ivre")

E/ Verdure & filets d'eau
(Trickle & green foliage)

F/ Chenille en parade
(Caterpillar in colourful display)

G/ Géraniums & fer forgé
(Geraniums & wrought iron)

H/ Escapade
(Running away)

I/ "Caveau de vente"
("Caveau de vente")

J/ Perles & Festons
(Pearls and Festoons)
Festons = festoons, scallops

K/ Braise & brouette au repos
(Braise & barrow having a rest
Une brouette = a wheelbarrow (which I shortened to ´barrow´)

L/ Charme & Cordialité
(Charm and friendliness)

Toutes mes félicitations au photographe, Kristin,
et à l'artiste peintre, Dr. Warren Plauche!

Bonne journée!


... catching up...


catching up with the past newsletters I missed?
... that was the intention,
but ...
still admiring photos and paintings at the moment.
What a joy!

Mille mercis.


Thanks for the positive response. I can't wait to tell Dr. Plauche that we are looking at his painting (he wasn't aware that the "VerNaissance" took place today. So this will be a nice surprise.

Newforest : I am so happy that you are back. You were missed! Thank you for the bi-lingual titles that you came up with. What a fun way to learn French!

Sandy Maberly

It was a great game to switch back and forth between photo and painting to see what was changed, what was missing and what caught the eye of Dr. Plauche. Really nice work. I hope you both have exchanged "art" with each other. It's always nice to have the original hanging in a place of honor as a reminder of great friendship.
Newforest did such a superb job of naming that I dare not impose upon perfection!


Love the photos and the paintings. I think I love the photos more but the paintings are wonderful too.

I would name A, the poppy field of my dreams, B, my soul exposed, C, The smile of the persimmons, F, Don't envy my coat, G, Yes, Geraniums

Lovely as always,


Ron Madaras

"moitié moitié" is also a type of fondue in Switzerland, a mixture of Gruyère cheese and Vacherin Fribourgeois cheese.



This is a lovely collaboration.I enjoy photography and watercolor so every photo and every painting was a delight for me.

Cheryl de los Reyes Cruz

What a beautiful painting!

I love your site, btw. I took French in high school but am not fluent. Now I'm hoping to go to Paris at the end of the year and have been following your site because it's a fun way to practice.


This is such an interesting and beautiful the paintings of your me inspirtion. Will someone please tell me how to corral myself into the studio?

Here are some titles, way too silly, but it's Spring. Aussi, love the mot de jour, just fun to say.

K, hope you will enjoy your shovel as much as I have enjoyed mine. Digging is good--for body, mind and Spirit.

A Spring is Pop(py)ing Out All Over
B Blue Wall, Brick Wall
C Tiles surprised by Color
D Rouge, Blanc et Bleu
E Three our of 4, not bad
F Dining al fresco
G Geraniums and dripping water
H My Bike Always Matches the Shrubbery Blooms

I Just follow the arrows
J Pink Wall Hiding a Goose
K Braise in Laze
L L'accent Vert


L - Scene with Green Shutters

I was wondering about Newforest also, mainly because I have oak trees growing from acorns from the New Forest in England. I imported the acorns from the Forestry Commission in 1994. They are doing really well. 2-4 feet of growth per year.


Oh, Douglas!

How wonderful to know that some of our oaks are happily growing in... Newfounland! Your great-grandchildren and their grandchildren will appreciate them too...
Since the time you imported the acorns from the Forestry Commission, the New Forest has become part of the New Forest National Park (220 square miles). In March 2005, the National Park status was awarded to the New Forest and its immediate surrounding area.


Newforest, thanks for the link to the New Forest Natl. Park. Interesting reading. Are you the site designer?


Non non, Pat, pas moi, mais Pete Carpenter, born and raised in the small village of Bartley in the New Forest.

See him here --->


...painting and drawing is a wonderful way to slow down and explore the detail of the extraordinary world around us often seeing relationships that would otherwise be missed...merci beaucoup Dr Plauche, for sharing your joyous watercolours with us!

Kristin...your site arrives like a little present in that we never know what treasure you have "popped" in for us each time!

Do you really say "moitie moitie" doubled together? I keep tripping over my tongue when I say it quickly...must be the Aussie twang...I'll keep practicing!!

Marion Harris

Comme toujours, J'adore vos photos!


Hi Gretel,

I've heard people adding a sort of slight "ch" sound and pronouncing [moi-"tchié"], probably because they had the same trouble as you. Try and see for yourself if it's any easier.

"moitié-moitié" is really "half-and-half". It is a way to insist on the egality of proportions.

- Du lait dans votre café?
(milk in your coffee?)
- "Moitié-moitié, s'il vous plaît"
You could have answered:
"Moitié lait, moitié café s'il vous plaît" but it's better / simpler here to use "moitié-moitié".

When the verb "partager" is used, adding "moitié-moitié" gives some emphasis on the fact of sharing absolutely ´equally´.
-> Partager les dépenses / les frais (= the expenses) moitié-moitié avec quelqu'un
(to split the expenses with somebody, to go halves with somebody)
Here, if it is perfectly obvious, you don't have to add "moitié-moitié" and the verb partager may be enough. One will understand that each one will pay half of the amount.

-> Elle partage son temps moitié-moitié entre son travail et sa famille.
(She splits her time between work and family life)
Here again, the verb partager (to share) might be enough. If you want to insist, then, add "moitié-moitié".

Good luck with the pronunciation!
& Bonne journée!


"égalité" des proportions" -->
= "EQUALITY" of proportions... sorry!


Thank-you Newforest...I have tried the softer way of pronunciation which seems to work a treat! Also thrilled with your expansion of sentences...merci beaucoup!


Oh la la Kristin, this is fabulous!! Thank you for posting, I always love your entries :-)


a.) "Le Paradis"

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