Talon (c) Kristin Espinasse 
When vines look like vultures... or eagles... Do you see the "bird's" talons? This photo, taken last week at a neighboring vineyard, is a close up of the vines featured in yesterday's edition. To comment on this photo, please click here -- and thank you for your thoughts!

talon (tah-lohn) noun, masculine

    : heel (shoes); crust (bread); stub, tail

                                                     *     *     *

Today's edition is informal (no list of idioms, no vocabulary section, no story--no writer deadlines...) after all, it's Saturday... and Saturday rhymes with vérité! So here's a heads-up: I have just posted a behind-the-photographic-scenes story over at Cinéma Vérité. The essay is called "The Fading of France". I encourage you to read it and to see the gallery of 15 photos that accompany the post. Sign up now to the weekend edition, "Cinéma Vérite," and join me as I travel around Provence. Click here to begin.

Thank you for following French Word-A-Day -- now in its seventh year and still free as a bird with French talons.


PS: I swiped today's word from the story over at Cinéma Vérité... Don't miss it!


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Kathy B

Merci pour vos commentaires de Provence. Je vient de visiter en Avignon et Aix pendant le mois de mars. Dans les restaurants j'ai mange les crepes delicieuses "Mont Ventoux." Pour le "Marron Glace," est-ce qu'on peut substituer la "Creme de Chataigne sucree?" Merci, Kathy




I still say they're sisters, and not mother daughter.

@ Passante

I don't remember Cliff Richard being big here in eastern Canada in the 1960s. I really just heard of him in the 1980s, but I knew he must have BEEN big when he was the first rock star to be knighted (1995). Bob Geldof, who is Irish, received an honorary knighthood in 1986. But I'm male and 52, and I was (still am) looking at the women.

Lee Isbell

Ah, what good luck to catch the eagle in flight, just as he's about to snatch une petite souris from the field!

Cate Salenger

Incredible photo! If it weren't for the background, I would've thought it was a sculpture.

And, by the way, you and your mom are adorable. How inspiring you both are!


I see the eagle now, but my first thought was that I saw a bison. So maybe it's one of those mythological beasts made of more than one animal. It's very striking. Thanks.


Merci beaucoup for the kind words. Vous êtes trop gentils!

Kathy: re chataigne: oh yes indeed! (here at our place we use a lot of that crème de chataigne (on crêpes, in cakes, or just by the spoonful... so I'd say go for it!

Lee: So many of those field mice end up in our house. I wish they were of the vine variety, like the Eagle in the picture :-)

Carol: Now that you mention it... Oui! I see the bison (or bison-aigle)!

Jennifer Baker

Talon. What a beautiful word.....It is my gorgeous 5 year old sons name!!!!!

Erin Pooley

I love this photo Kristy! The vines look so wise this time of year (your time of year!)


Thanks, Erin. Great to get your note! Mom and I were just talking about you two yesterday (the "two" part being Ross -- he would love the bike trail that we found yesterday: it starts behind the graveyard in Roaix--where Mom and I were studying succulents, moss, and how to care for chrysanthemums (sp?)--and ends at the bottom of the village of Rasteau! Tell Ross "hi" from us! and best to you both).


I agree with everyone -- amazing photo! I also liked the "yellow field" -- a dancing vineyard. Thanks for keeping me connected to the paysage I love so much.


Fred Caswell

Kristi, mon amie, that is a very "vine" photo of an eagle.

I seldom do, but have I spotted un erreur in the first line of your reply following Corol's post? Does "gentils" needs either -lle or -l to replace the "s", depending on the gender of Carol?

Because I make so many errors venturing into French, I hesitate to correct anyone who is fluent, but for the same reason it gives me some kind of unexpected pleasure.

Haven't correspondent lately as my friend's passing along with some serious concerns and plans have thrown me off kilter a bit.

Love to you and "yours" -- Fred


Love your site. Will be back often to add to my vocabulary!

Jennifer in OR

Beautiful old vines against an amazing azure sky...yes, I see the talons~you have a great imagination. I thought the photo of the full vineyard from the other day looked like a cemetery...about to come to life!

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