Talon (c) Kristin Espinasse 
When vines look like vultures... or eagles... Do you see the "bird's" talons? This photo, taken last week at a neighboring vineyard, is a close up of the vines featured in yesterday's edition. To comment on this photo, please click here -- and thank you for your thoughts!

talon (tah-lohn) noun, masculine

    : heel (shoes); crust (bread); stub, tail

                                                     *     *     *

Today's edition is informal (no list of idioms, no vocabulary section, no story--no writer deadlines...) after all, it's Saturday... and Saturday rhymes with vérité! So here's a heads-up: I have just posted a behind-the-photographic-scenes story over at Cinéma Vérité. The essay is called "The Fading of France". I encourage you to read it and to see the gallery of 15 photos that accompany the post. Sign up now to the weekend edition, "Cinéma Vérite," and join me as I travel around Provence. Click here to begin.

Thank you for following French Word-A-Day -- now in its seventh year and still free as a bird with French talons.


PS: I swiped today's word from the story over at Cinéma Vérité... Don't miss it!


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