Mailbox in a medieval Knights Templar village... (c) Kristin Espinasse
Flower face-off: a tin fleur de lis and a living lilac tree.

lilas (lee-lah) noun, masculine

    : lilac (syringa)

Also "Jardin aux Lilas" : Ballet in one act with choreography and libretto by Tudor, music by Ernest Chausson, and designs by Hugh Stevenso. --Dictionary of Dance definition from

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Five good reasons to become a Cinéma Vérité member today

1. Film: you will enjoy one of my favorite animated movies, based on a book by a cherished French author

2. You will hear a catchy tune (that goes with the lilacs in today's photo)! It is a traditional French song that you'll sing while driving (as Jean-Marc and I sang it with our kids...) and you'll want to share it with a child or a classroom full of kids!

3. You will see 15 photos from my recent visit to a nearby Knights Templar village!

4. You will enjoy access to the Cinéma Vérité archives, with over a hundred photos taken in the neighboring villages.

5. You will learn many more words and expressions, thanks to the Cinéma Vérité members who write in and comment about the photos. (I have learned a handful or more in the past few weeks -- like the English word for "pintade", the French word for "wallflower"... and I can now identify a "Dogue de Bordeux" -- no problemo!

A comment, by Betty, from last week's photo gallery:  I love these photos but if choosing a favorite it would be the one with Jules walking... and here's a comment from Pat: Swan Juan is soo gorgeous--I suppose when you're THAT beautiful, you can chew on shoes if you get the chance!

Which reminds me of one more sign-up incentive: you'll meet Swan Juan the French cygne... who has a thing for shoes!

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Three Random Words:
la voirie (f) = refuse, garbage
zozoter = to lisp
le bouche-à-bouche = mouth-to-mouth, kiss of life

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