clochette a vache

Cow-bells (c) Kristin Espinasse
photo taken in the Montafon Valley, Austria. Click to enlarge.

clochette à vache (klo-shet ah vash) noun, feminine

    : cow-bell

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Je collectionne les clochettes à vache.
I collect cow-bells.

Note: my first three or four attempts at recording the phrase were, well, attempts! Max informed me that I was mispronouncing "collectionne" (as "koh-lek-see-OHn"). He tells me it is "ko-lek-see-Un). I re-recorded it, and you now hear the correct pronunciation). Thanks, Max!

A Day in a French Life....
by Kristin Espinasse

Just poking my nose in here today, Saturday, to let you in on a secret: I collect cow-bells. Voilà. Maintenant vous savez tout!

I am here also to tell you that I have updated my photo blog, "Cinema Verite," so if you are a member, do not miss the latest gallery with over a dozen photos from our Austrian adventure. (If you need me to resend the link, don't hesitate to let me know!)

If you are not a member of Cinéma Verité, what's keeping you from delighting in the "weekly dozen"? If you enjoy this French word journal and the photos that accompany it, then you will love the Saturday edition!

Mooochas gracias (et merci beaucoup!).

P.S.: ... I'll let you in on another family secret: though I do collect cow-bells, I have an irrational fear of les vaches and have been known to scale a valley's steep slopes--and circle around it--in order to avoid the heavy herd below. Needless to say, my family moos at me a lot. 

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