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caviar d'aubergines

Old French sign, handwritten, chalkboard, wooden door, eggplant, peppers, aubergines (c) Kristin Espinasse, french-word-a-day.com
"Aubergines." An old door/former shop front in the town of Suze-la-Rousse.

caviar d'aubergines (kah-vee-ahr doh-behr-zheen)

    :  eggplant caviar

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"...profiter des bontés de cette généreuse saison des récoltes et courir acheter aussi des paniers d'aubergines et de courgettes, pour... ratatouille et ... caviar d'aubergines." --from Le Soleil

A Day in a French Life...
by Kristin Espinasse

Marseilles, 1992...

I fell in love with mousse before caviar. In the first case "mousse" was a charming street in Marseilles... and "caviar" was what was waiting for me at the end of that winding road, just a French football field from the sea.

There, in my future mother-in-law's kitchenette on Rue des Mousses, I watched as she hashed, pounded, and sweated -- putting all her concentration into cooking, her mind not having healed just yet. I watched, as droplets fell from her wet brow into the mixing bowl below, only to disappear into the roasted vegetables before the latter were pulverized. If only pain could be broken into as many morsels.

After the sweaty chore, my mother-in-law would sit on the end of her bed and cry and I, newly exported from America, would watch wide-eyed. 

It occurred to me to share with her all 24 years of my growing knowledge base... based principally on positive thinking... with heaping of hallelujah, a gallon of gospel... and a ounce or two of Epictitus:

"Where there's a will there's a way!" I would say, encouraging my mother-in-law to snap out of it. "You can do all things...." I'd sing.

But like all artists--literary, culinary, or other--my mother-in-law was going through a blue period. A French blue period (which was doubly blue... or doubly negative). She coped as she could and coping meant cooking -- and not trusting in an "otherhood". That is when I learned that my mother-in-law was an atheist. How, I wondered, could one cure this?

I looked into my cure-all bag, and soon saw that I was all out of tricks... and so I sat down beside her and filled my heart with sticks. When the sharp stick ends began to poke through my now bleeding heart--

I realized...

...that what was missing before, was my ability to empathize.

*   *   *

It is seventeen years later, now, and I think about those "24 years of wisdom" -- all that good gospel sense that I tried to talk my mother-in-law into, there, on Rue de Mousses, in a room no bigger than a shoe. It didn't stop my own blue periods (which would come soon after) from sweeping in, like paint across a canvas en lin,* it didn't spare me from the storms that follow sin, it didn't humble me as misplaced pride will again and again.

*   *   *

Last week I received a letter from my mother-in-law in which she thanked me for "ce temps que tu m'as accordé alors que Maxime était haut comme 3 pommes... je recevais des courages de toi...".*

As I re-read the tender letter, I take a moment to treasure my "incurable" atheist : she is a gift to me in spite of our differing beliefs. I have learned so much from her and, I hope, reciprocally, she from evangelical me.

*   *   *
Post note: I was looking up a recipe for caviar d'aubergine (that is what my mother-in-law was making me, in the opening to today's story)... when I happened upon this treasure of a video. If you love characters, as I do, then you will appreciate this informal Frenchwoman. Watch her pulverize garlic with the palm of her Provençale hand! (if you are reading this edition via email, you will need to click over to the blog to view the clip).

Update: Do not miss my Caviar D'Aubergine easy, easy recipe, click here


~~~~~~~~~French Vocabulary~~~~~~~~~~
en lin = on linen; ce temps que tu m'as accordé alors que Maxime était haut comme 3 pommes... je recevais des courages de toi... = this time that you have given me back when Max was "tall as three apples"... I received courage from you

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