Attacked by Puppies!

Photo of the puppies (beneath my son's legs) with their little identity tags (having just returned from the vet). Read today's picture story "Puppy Fodder" in which Braise-The-Dog and I offer up our ears, fingers, and toes to the Puppy Gods... before they go. (This is their last week with us...)

le fourrage

    : fodder

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Le fourrage est, en agriculture et élevage, une plante, ou un mélange de plantes, cultivée pour ses parties végétatives... Fodder is, in agriculture and breeding, a plant, or a mix of plants, cultivated for its vegetative parts. (Example from French Wikipedia)

A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse


Kids! Every parent knows that caring for them can be an all-consuming activity, that is, when the kids are not busy consuming you.

Yesterday, Braise and I, exhausted after 7 weeks... and 14 years (respectively) of child-rearing, decided to GIVE IN.  And so we collapsed on the front porch and put up our figurative white flags.

With that... the puppies rushed forth in victory!


After getting our ears, noses, fingers, and toes chewed on... and our shirts and fur slobbered on... on a eu assez*... That's when we decided to play dead in order to get these puppies off our heads!

(Photo, below: Braise, in the background, feigns la mort.* I follow suit, protecting my face just in case...)



Braise is a natural. Just look at her play dead...


In my case, the puppies aren't buying it -- though one stops to feel my pulse with her paws.....


After a bit of ceremonial concern (short-lived sympathy on their part) ... the puppies now esteem... that it is time to revive the drama queens. Let's get their ears! Let's pull on their hair! (Braise, in the background, continues to play dead, unfazed by the toutou* torture...)


The victor! (Actually, there were six of them. Each got his/her turn to rise to the sky as Champion, glorified

Have you ever let a band of puppies run all over you? Comment here. If not, I urge you to add this to your 10 things to do in 2010 list! (You are making that list aren't you? Why not share a few of the items with us, here? I could use a few ideas for my list. Thanks in advance for the inspiration!)

Gview Also: if you are planning on attending the American Library in Paris event this Wednesday, Oct 7th, then please be sure to let me know so that I might look for you!

~~~~~~~~~French Vocabulary~~~~~~~~
on a eu assez
= we'd had enough; la mort = death; toutou = doggie



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Bill in St. Paul

What great pictures of the "puppy attack"! I've only had one puppy attack me like that, I can't imagine having six attack at once. They are so cute, but they will grow into beautiful, faithful dogs. The temptation to get another Golden is getting stronger and I would if we could find someone to take care of him or her when we travel (regardless of what Julius, the cat, thinks).

My short list for 2010 so far only includes travel: northern Italy in the Spring and hopefully Paris in the Fall for our 40th anniversary (we were very young when we were married, I was ten and my wife was eight - yeah, right!).


I like the idea of making a 2010 list as opposed to a Bucket list. Means you can saviour it more than once. Bring on the puppies!


There is nothing like being overwhelmed by an exuberant puppy. This is one of the most charming posts ever, both in word and photo! I'm overcome with the urge to once again have a puppy in the house - either to the delight or consternation of our two adult dachshunds. Many, many thanks, and to the puppies - hopes for new homes as wonderful as the one you've grown up in.


On my list - take a cruise to the Antartic!

Pat Cargill

Enfin! Nous avons les photos de La Belle-- La Belle Kristin! Fabulous photos--J-M phtographer? How sweet and funny - there is nothing like puppies or little ones crawling all over and lovey-doveying one to make for bliss! My sister Josye has a new puppy, Sophie, and I can't wait to visit her. For a look-see at Miss Sophie, being flanked by my beautiful neices, visiter:

While technically they are my sister's grandchildren, I claim them, too!

Looking forward to tomorrow's CV, Kristi...September has passed and I resisted the deep longing to return to France; maybe I'll be ok now. Ha! whatever that means. Bonne weekend.


I absolutely adore this post! ^__^~<3 The cuteness overload very nearly killed me. Hahaha.

But, yes, I've done that too. I love it. Even with our already grown dogs. They are small breeds anyway. I'd be scared to let bigger breeds "attack" me like that. Hehehe. A few of them even learned that they can step on me and then sleep on my tummy. They like that. :p


Nothing like a puppy pile to make you smile!


These are the best! Such fun to see these photos. You're going to miss these cuties. So will Braise. Eh bien, c'est la vie. You've given the little ones a great start.

Susan Anne

Great photos of great pups and Mom!
Is this a tongue twister( on a eu assez = we'd had enough)?


Wonderful photos Kristin, esp. Braise with her tongue hanging out. Love it.

Style Spy

How adorable! What a great way to start my Friday, thanks! I haven't had the puppy onslaught, but I have done the kitten equivalent -- the rescue home where I found my cat had about two-dozen 6-week old kittens and I sat on the floor and let them climb all over me for about 45 minutes. Honestly, they should offer this sort of thing as a form of therapy -- you cannot feel bad with puppies & kittens hanging off you.


Thank you for sharing your life with us!

The pictures are a wonderful way to start my Friday.

You are beautiful and your doggies are darling!

Barbara Andolsek Paintings

Kristin: Such an excellent story teller and oh those puppies. I have one for you as well. My husband & I were taking a walk years ago and we spied a gentlemen walking his little pup up ahead of us. All of a sudden, the puppy took off running towards me with all it's little heart, and ran right up to my face vertically, no kidding, kissing me. I don't think I have to tell you that that was one of most wonderful extraordinary days of my life and will 'never' ever forget it. Oh to the dogs with us, love kitties too. Thanks again for making my day with your wonderful words.


A friend breeds standard poodles. One of my dreams is to visit some time (they are on the other side of the country) and get the puppy onslaught. Dogs grow so fast! My oldest dog was adopted as a puppy. She is now 12 years old and seemed to grow up so fast.

Eileen deCamp

Such cute photos! I love the one of Braise with her tongue hanging out!


Snip and snails and puppy dog tails! That's what little (and big) girls are made of!

Carol Squires

I've had just one puppy climb all over me and it was "giggle time" the whole time. Thank you for sharing the puppy time with your sweet puppys. The stories and pictures are so sweet!


OK, officially you are in heaven...that's what it would be for me! You don't need a 10 things to do list, really!

Many kisses to all the pups!


Jane  Currie

I have had this wonderful experience several times. Our Goldens had 12 and 14 puppies respectively. All precious to see, love and behold. i trained them to retrieve from water for duck hunting. I will never forget seeing them all lined up on banks edge waiting for their name to be called. It took many a day for that to come about, they all thought their names were Doc, Divot, etc. and would take off for the water together! Such blessings.

Jane  Currie

One of the most beautiful things in life is having a Golden. You are so kind to share the "growing up days" of your precious Golden Retriever puppies and their mother with us all. Thank you, and thank you for helping us to learn "a-French- word-a day". You make our days begin with joy too.

Jacqui McCargar

Well Kristi, I'd have to say that I really miss cuddling those little balls of fur and I miss you guys and Provence and maybe even vendange a (little) bit. I hope the puppies enjoy their new homes and that Braise gets some rest. She's earned it! Awesome pics!

Ahulani McAdam

Most of all, I love seeing the Moms surrender! How rarely do we let ourselves go completely into the crazy joyful silliness that we did when we were little, except when we give in to the impulse to just let the "little kids" take over?
I am going to be smiling all day remembering this post. The pictures are so great that I think all of us could feel those tongues and paws and noses! I also love that smile of yours peeking out from the last picture, Kristin. So real.
Love to you all as you send these bundles off to their new families...It is clear that they have been totally "socialized" as I see you have been "puppyized".
Best of luck too in Paris,


Those are the cutest puppies I think I've ever seen! LOVED the pictures! Thanks for such a joyful note on a Friday afternoon!

Diana Harestad

Chere Kristen,

Ces photos sont formidable. Les chiots sont adorable et vous aussi! J'aime ces photos et votre rubriques chaque jour. Merci beaucoup tout le temps. Amicalement, Diana Harestad

anita m. anderson

When we lived in Casablanca, I had a huge male German Shepherd of 120 lbs. who mated with a female who was vacationing at our house. They produced 11 puppies. I brought the daily protein of eggs, egg shells, hamburger, and cereal. They all came running and quickly jumped all over me. Your labs are adorable. Anita


I've just moved to Bordeaux from Ohio, and I read your book during my move. It was something I found on a whim at the bookstore right before I left the States. I LOVED IT, and it really helped me make the transition period easier. Your stories were fantastic, and I loved learning new words. Thanks for all you do!

Jennifer in OR

Tres mignon!

Precious, captivating photos! Thanks for *le sourire* on my face. :-)


From my outloud giggles at these fab photos to the persistent heart-warmth a day afterward, the rewards of this entry reverberate splendidly: yum. Uh-huh, this one so captures the joy of truly Being IN The Moment, grace aux toutous. As always, thanks so much for sharing such gems!

Top of my list of Most Wish To Do -- visit Newfoundland!


Great photos - puppy love - and Braise with her tongue hanging out and you playing dead. What fun!

To do list: go to France - I'm in withdrawal. I haven't been in 1 1/2 years! I also want to visit your vineyard!




Pat: The photographer was my 14-year-old son, Max. (Thanks for asking and sorry, Max, for forgetting to give you credit!)

Jane: What a lovely scene that you painted of the puppies lined up along the bank's edge, waiting their turn.

Merci. Merci pour les commentaires!

Cynthia in the French Alps

What wonderfully fun photos of the puppies! Poor mama must be exhausted though. Perhaps she needs a vacation and that's why she was playing dead. If we didnt travel so much and have three cats, I'd definitely beg for one of those puppies. Thanks for the photos. Cynthia in the French Alps


Thanks for inspiring me, Kristin...10 things to do in 2010...I'm thoughtfully beginning my list this week!!


Oh Kristin. I'm feeling sad already for the puppies near departure. I hope that they'll all remain close by and that maybe you can have a get-together with them all every now and again.

These photos provided several fun flashbacks of using myself as a chewtoy for the puppies I've had through my childhood as well in adulthood with my own children. Thanks.

You and Braise are two very fun loving moms!

Susan Sparkman

Dear Kristi,

I am so proud of you! You ARE a public speaker!

Did you practice at the window in front of your huge audience of grapevines?

I miss all of you and France. Would you believe I am now a French teacher in Texas?!?!?

Please give Marita bises for me if you see her.


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