petit boulot

My brother-in-law, Jacques, modeled for me in time to snap this picture of our latest récolte: olives!

petit boulot (peuh tee boo lo) noun, masculine

    : little job

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C'était quoi votre premier petit boulot?
What was your first job?


A Day in a French Life...
by Kristin Espinasse

I sometimes wonder what my children's occupations would be, had we lived, instead, aux États-Unis.*

Would my daughter be a paper boy (the little mêtier* that brought me so much joy)? Would my son bus tables for a $1.81 an hour? I'll never forget the greasy stench on my clothes, how I couldn't wait to return home and shower.

At nine I delivered the news, and at 14 I refilled coffee cups, self-esteem buoyed by all those thank-yous! I liked being in contact with people and I know my kids will enjoy the same.

Meantime, we live on a farm
... and work with grapes... and a few olives.... That makes my 14-year-old a seasonal vigneron* and an occasional olive catcher:

Max, searching for olives.

The pros of olive-catching include a clean-air environment (no breathing in exhaust fumes when standing on a street corner, pitching the Sunday news)...

And the occasional offer to aider* ...as when an uncle shows up, unexpectedly, with a helpful hand or two.

Both jobs are made sufferable by grateful remerciements* which, had we lived... after all... in the Etats Unis, would still equal a simple thank you.

"Uncle Jacques" 


Question / Comments :

I'm curious to know: What was your first job? Please put your answer in the comments box -- for all to enjoy!

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French Vocabulary
les États-Unis (mpl) = United States; la récolte (f) = harvest, gathering; le métier (m) = job; le vigneron (m) = wine farmer; aider = to help; le remerciement (m) = thanks, thanking


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"Smokey Dokey"


I could not get our puppy to pose in front of the keys... let alone say "cheese"....

I take that back... Smokey was a very good poser.
T'was the camera lens that lacked the poetry of Chaucer...

As for "how's Smokey doing?": he has two worrisome wounds that continue to fill up and empty out. He is still on antibiotics and we are keeping him clean with hydrogen peroxide or eau oxygenée.... and his mama, Braise, regularly washes his wounds with her tongue. I am wondering whether this is just reinfecting things?)

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I couldn't wait to see these and I must say that I am hooked on your style of photography. These are like looking through a National Geographic magazine only something deeper is captured through your eye. The vendors, the daughter in Blue and or course every picture by the sea - all are simply alluring. --Karen

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