de guingois

les restes

Deck the Halls (c) Kristin Espinasse
Correction (!) On Friday I noted "PQ" as "papier queue". "Q," it turns out, is the phonetic sound behind the French word that the "Q" in "PQ" represents. Thanks to those of you who wrote in to straighten things out!

les restes (lay rest) noun, masculine plural

    : leftovers

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Après avoir fini les restes... j'ai mal au ventre.
After finishing the leftovers, I have a stomach ache.


A Day in a French Life...
by Kristin Espinasse

I was eating my way through the various compartments of our frigo—through the lettuce crisper, the butter bin and all shelves between and within...

...when I felt the weighty stare of a couple of Goldens—question marks on their furry faces, curiosity in the air.

That is when I remembered that there was no need to finir les restes before setting out on our two-week voyage west.

No need to empty the frigo, for nothing would perish—thanks to my brother-in-law, who'll be sitting our home and the dogs that we cherish.

And so, for Beau-Frère, I'm headed back to the superette... to replace les restes.

Bye for now, "see you" all in a fortnight...
Bonnes fêtes, bon appétitas for me, I'll be eating light!


Am I the only one who has put on the pounds, before the holidays have even rolled around? Comment here.

French Vocabulary

French Word-A-Day: Summer 2009 Stories

le frigo (m) = fridge; finir les restes = to finish the leftovers; le beau-frère (m) = brother-in-law; bonne fête = enjoy the celebration (happy holidays); bon appétit = enjoy your meal

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A Day in a Dog's Life...
by Braise é Smokey

Kristin says: A story on these two whippersnappers is coming soon...
Smokey says: What's a whippersmacker?
"Not 'smacker'," Braise points out. "Snapper"!
Smokey: "Oh, like 'Snapper-dragons'!"
"No! 'Snapdragons'!"
Smokey: "Whipper snap dragons!"
No, "Whisper Smackers," Braise corrects. "Oh, now I'm confused."
"Here," Smokey says, "have a whisper smacker, instead."

Paws and Effect Update: One of Smokeys wounds (beneath the jaw) is completely healed! The other (seen here, beneath his eye) is much better than it looks. It should be closed very soon! Comment here.

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