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New book! Collected Summer Stories

Some call writing an "art". I call writing "close to my heart". (Photo of previous books; the one—top, center—is my most recent. Another, fictional book—about a French pear—does not appear here....)

Chers Amis et Amies,

After three years of sitting on the French fence, I have finally fallen off... and published a book!

It did take prayer—and a push—after beaucoup de "bambivalence" (bambivalence—so as to go with "beaucoup"... beaucoup bambivalence, to accomplish this. See how complicated I can make things when "a lot of ambivalence" might've done the trick?).

Speaking of tricks, the next hurdle (after that French fence hurdle) will be to sell my book. Without the assurance and the support of une grande maison d'édition, I am on my own this time. And that can be both an exciting and a frightening thing, with oodles and French poodles of self-doubt involved. 

This is where gumption must come in, in great Gallic gallons. So I'm putting her out there today, this latest book baby of mine—and I am counting on you to help me! You will help me, won't you? If I have been any help to you, if you have learned a French word... or two... then this is the time to come to my rescue (I guess that sounded a bit manipulative and pushy, non? Mea culpa, I'm so sorry, but I do not have a pricey promotions rep to sell this book for me!).

In a French nutshell, or en un mot—make that in 5 points, here are reasons why you will want to my book, illico presto!:

French Word-A-Day: Summer 2009 Stories....

  1. Makes an educational and fun gift! Perfect for a Francophile, an Armchair Traveler, a Parent, a Dog lover... or a Publishing house looking for a new book series (the second book is almost done... and the third has just begun...)!
  2. Talk about a vocabulary resource! There are hundreds of French words, in context, to help you lock on to the language...
  3. Full page photos almost every time you turn a page!
  4. Bonus (good through Dec. 1st): with your book purchase, you will get one membership to Cinéma Vérité: good for yourself... or for a friend (another great gift idea!). Forward me your sales receipt and let me know which email address to sign up for the CV site.)
  5. Recipes from French family and friends.

Note: In keeping with the subject (memoir) of my previously published books, these are the collected story archives from posts that appeared in the newsletter/web editions of French Word-A-Day. The format is similar to the Simon & Schuster edition, wherein:

Each short chapter (some are just one page) is inspired by a French word [and] shares a brief anecdote about French life (incorporating French words into the text).  With its innovative and entertaining way of teaching the finer points of French, Espinasse's memoir will be popular with travelers and expats alike.
—Publishers Weekly

French Word-A-Day: Summer 2009 Stories Today, right now, is the time to order. Purchase a copy of French Word-A-Day: Summer 2009 Stories for yourself or for a friend or family member. And thank you so much for your fidélité, for pushing me off the French fence, and for helping me to find my way back to book publishing. I could not have written these stories without you!

Click here to preview the first 15 pages of my book and to order!


Questions or comments about this latest book? Go ahead and fire 'em off here (in the comments box only, merci beaucoup). I look forward to answering!

Thank you all for your support, which I am holding on to at this moment... just like the little "feet" and the last leaves on this vine climber.

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