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French Word-A-Day: Summer 2009 Stories

Bonjour from the Arizona desert where we are packing our valises, and unpacking our hearts with sentimental goodbyes. We don't fly back to France for another 24 hours but, have you ever noticed, the leaving sometimes begins before the cherished visit ends. Perhaps this is how we ease ourselves into the agony of absence...  


The absence of my American family from my French life is the only thing I hate about the Hexagon. Writing helps fill in the generous gaps that remain once my mom, my dad, my sisters and my dear friends are removed from my immediate terrain: my not-so-new anymore homeland of France.


So forward march, write on! I continue to search for the best publishing solution for my French Word-A-Day series, the books of which began in December of 2003. After publishing the first three volumes, I experienced a whirlwind courting with a major publisher. Regarding the high that followed, it is safe to say that I am landing now, back on level ground, on my own two self-reliant sabots. (This is just a poetic way to say that my latest book was rejected by my previous publisher. For this reason I am returning to self-publishing... for the time being).


Thankfully, I am discovering some benefits along the newly-paved way, namely, that going "backwards"--or back to self-publishing--is gumption-building!  And gumption, just like Conjunction Junction (remember that cheery childhood chant for learning grammar?) is something this autodidact author will forever feed on--this, after faith.


So faith and gumption it is. Speaking of gumption, I am here today to tell you that I have finally succeeded in getting that remise--or discount--on my latest book and I would like to extend this gift to you as we celebrate the New Year!


Receive a 5 euro discount through December 31st

To receive this discount, just enter the code frenchblurb (for a euro discount) and frenchblurb1 (for a dollar discount--that's frenchblurb1 (1, the number and not the letter "l") in the designated box on the checkout page. Click here to order.


Take advantage of this discount to order an extra book for a friend, a teacher, a family member... or even a stranger!  Please don't hesitate, click here to order and don't forget the code frenchblurb (euros) or frenchblurb1 (dollars).


Finally, merci infiniment for your cheers and support as I try out new solutions to the sharing of these French words and this French life. (Now if anyone can come up with a solution to distance... that disconcerting dilemme that will soon be upon us as my American family and I say our au revoirs.)


*Please remember this offer is good through DEC 31st... so please buy your copy today! Thanks so much for your support.

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Lee Isbell

Hi Kristin,
I ordered the book today. Alas, the discount code didn't work. It claimed the promotion code is not available in my currency (ordered in $). I nevertheless continued with the order because I want the book.
Have a good trip home and be sure to leave time for any weird new security procedures. Both my son-in-law and granddaughter had domestic flights on Monday with no problems and everything on time, so it CAN be done.


Hello Lee. Thank you for your helpful note. I have added the new code for orders in dollar currency. Can you try to cancel and re-order?


Hi Kristi,

Glad you had a great trip to the desert!

Gumption!! Have you seen the movie "The Holiday" with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet? They talk about gumption and there is even a song called gumption from that movie! Highly recommend this one!!

Happy New Year to you and your family!

Diane Scott

Having just had the pleasure of viewing that delicious (in oh so many ways) movie, "Julie and Julia," I am still marveling (or dare I say, "chewing") over the fact that not only did it take Julia Child 8 years to get her masterpiece published, but she did so at the "ripe old age" of 50! Ladies (and germs, of course) the lesson learned is that there is no time limit to inventing, or re-inventing, yourselves. Kristin, enjoy where you are RIGHT NOW! You have filled so many of our lives with joy, for which we are most grateful. Celebrate all the highs and lows that await you and your family in this coming New Year and New Decade! Such produce the rich and aromatic épice of life.


I've been forwarding some of your posts with the dogs to a friend. At Christmas she surprised me with a copy of your book! I was so delighted - it's very fun.
Happy new year to you. I really enjoy your blog!


Hi Kristin,
I well understand your empty spaces being so far from your family. We manage to lessen the pain via skype. My son and daughter and grandchildren all live in Ireland while we have almost settled in British Columbia. However, we skype each other every week and sometimes more and the grandchildren keep us up to date on everything and having a visual connection exceeds by far any phone calls that we used to have. Safe home and bonne annee a vous.


It was wonderful meeting you in person, Kristin, and you are just as special as I thought you would be! Have a good, safe trip back, and a healthy, prosperous, happy and "words and tales" filled 2010. Big hugs!


Hang in there!! At least you have been "Published", every writers dream. I loved the self published book that I bought for myself for Christmas. Keep at it because you have given me the spirit to keep going on my book!! Jeanne

Karen from Phoenix, AZ

Hi Kristin,

Safe trip home to you and your family. It was so wonderful to see you again. Happy New Year! Love to all.

yvonne Rosenfield

New Word for Tonight "HAPPY NEW YEAR"
Bless you and your family this new year.


Bill Facker

Happy New Year to All ... and may each of us "Human Beans" be stirred together into a wonderful stew called 2010 ! Aloha from Beautiful Kauai (temp 81 F.) Bill Facker

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