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une remise

The chaotic scene above reminds me of the things we do for love, whether cycle up walls or publish books.

une remise (reuh meez) noun, feminine

    : discount

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Je suis désolée, mais la remise que j'ai mentionnée hier, n'était pas valable.
I am sorry, but the discount that I mentioned yesterday was not valid.

A Day in a French Life...
by Kristin Espinasse

French Word-A-Day: Summer 2009 Stories Yesterday I published a book. Thanks to modern technology, I was able to launch un livre amidst a bustling, barking home life: the kids, the dogs, the dust, the dishes, the traveling husband (away, in Montpellier) and the ever-hopeful housewife. I decided to consider the chaos as the proverbial "glass half full"—of champagne—with bubbles that, when liberated, push their lodged captive forward and upward—in high-flying jubilee. Weeeeee!

But a tickling jolt of liberation has its end, for physics dictates: ce qui monte doit descendre.

While that chaos was busy adding to the adrenaline push that I needed in order to get things done, I made a few mistakes—et c'est le cas de le dire! For one, I had not planned on making my book available so soon... but when I surfed over to the book-making site—and saw that a discount was available through Dec 1st!—I raced into rédaction, finishing up edits and launching the book immediately so that all might take advantage of the discount, right along with me—as I went about ordering copies for my family.

Only, I did not realize that the page I was viewing was designed for my eyes only. Never mind that I had typed in the book-publisher's homepage address (because I had not logged off after my last visit, my personal "dashboard," where the special offer was mentioned, automatically popped up and I mistook it for the site's homepage, a page I thought that all customers were seeing along with the "specials" notice).

Soon, the emails began to flood in ("trying to buy your book, but not receiving the discount..." "want to order, but the coupon isn't working...").

I quickly contacted the book company, which only confirmed what my readers were reporting back to me: that the discount is for authors only.

I spent the rest of yesterday responding to customers, all of whom were very understanding. To all of you who visited my book page and tried to buy a copy: I am sincerely désolée for my mistake. Thanks to those who wrote in, with cheers, telling me you'd ordered the book anyway.

Thank you for believing in me, trusting me, and allowing me keep on truckin' even when the champagne cork hits the floor, the newly propelled publisher landing beside it, the bubble-boost having fizzled out.

French Word-A-Day book For those of you who would like to order my latest book, même sans remise (makes a great holiday gift!), click here.

And to those who ordered a book on Dec. 1st, mille mercis! Please send along your order number (if you haven't already) and I will send you your Cinéma Verité bonus. It might take a few days... but I will eventually get back to you!

Comments and corrections are always welcome, helpful, and appreciated. Thank you!

French Vocabulary

le livre (m) = book; ce qui monte doit descendre = what goes up must come down; et c'est le cas de le dire = and that's the least one can say; la rédaction (f) = composition (editing); désolée = sorry; même sans remise = even without the discount

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