avoir bobo = to be hurt. Although Smokey is 99 percent bobo free, I cannot say the same about my latest book. Read on and see whether you can help! (photo taken this morning.)

bobo* (boh boh) noun, masculine

    : owie, a sore, a hurt

*French baby talk
**Update: this just in, via email from Mac: "Also often used today for BOurgeois BOhemian. Un bobo."

A Day in a SELF-PUBLISHER'S Life...

Sorry for this intrusion, for sneaking in here between the MWF posts, but I need a big favor from those of you who have bought my latest livre...

I am about to order a large quantity of "French Word-A-Day" books but, before doing so, I will need to update the current edition with any changes. This will bring us to an exciting 2nd edition!

Corrections / Changes / Suggestions?

French Word-A-Day book Have you noticed any typos or mistakes in the French Word-A-Day (Summer Stories) book? Format problems? (How about the 9-point type—too small?) Please point out to me any soucis by leaving an edit/a note/a suggestion in the comments box or via email (in the subject line, please write "corrections"). Do you have any additional thoughts for this or future French Word-A-Day books?

Mille mercis for your help! And thank you for continuing to buy my book for friends and family. Your orders, each and every one, are allowing me to make contacts in the book industry and to explore further publishing opportunities.


French Vocabulary
un livre
(m) = book
un souci
(m) = worry

Smokey's best impression of un phoque = a seal. He enjoyed skimming the icy surface of the vineyard this morning, out gallivanting with his mom, but regretted there weren't enough icy flakes to fall into, so as to make angels in the newly coated ground.

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