French footsteps in the snow.

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enneigé (eh-neh-zhay) adjective

    : snowbound, snowy

A Day in a Dog's Life...
By Smokey Dokey

This is my dear maman (a.k.a. "Braise" [BREZ, like PEZ—the candy—and we LOVE bonbons don't we?!]).

She is a true-life angelun ange de neige!

She is the bravest soul that I know: she once saved my life.

To boot, she knows how to organize her day and, on her to-do list—or liste des choses à faire—she never forgets to pencil in "play". Here she is teaching me how to make angels in the snow...



...As for my other mom, or the "bipedal primate having language and ability to make and use complex tools"*...

As for that one... she is a work in progress (bless her heart—not everyone can be a snow saint). Here she is, in the following video, trying to spread her wings—and break into bucolic broadcasting:

[Note: after hours of trying to upload her video, my "bi-pedal" mom a.k.a. "Kristin" failed... so much for a primate's ability to use complex tools.]

Back to breaking in to broadcasting—we'll continue to try to upload this video... meantime Kristin will continue to try to break into something in 2010... what with Grandma Jules coaching her, how could she not:

Just break "AND RUN WITH IT!" Grandma Jules cheers...

Whatever "it" is, these ticklish, ficklish femmes—would-be hellions were it not for saving grace—never know: for isn't that how life is: just when we think we have something in our hot little hands—we fumble... and let it go. And why? Because we are always following our nose.)

Enough philos-oh-fille.

Love (and remember to forgive others, as we dogs do),
P.S.: See the full version of this film in Saturday's Cinema Verite!

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Puisqu'on était enneigé, je n'ai pas pu aller à l'école.
Because we were snowed in, I could not go to school.

enneigé = snowed in

la maman (f) = mom

Braise = ("Braise" means "Brittany" (in Breton) — it also means "ember"

un bonbon (m) = candy

un ange de neige (m) = snow angel

une liste des choses à faire = "To Do" list

* definition of homosapien from onelook.com

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