Snow in Provence (c) Kristin Espinasse
Saperlipopette! We're snowed in today...

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neige (nehzh) noun, feminine

    : snow

A Day in a French Life...
by Kristin Espinasse

I woke up to the sound of exclamation.

"Putain!" my husband declared.  A newbie French learner might have been confounded by the word choice, putain. But, this far into French life, and the word no longer startles or offends me. (Though I would prefer "saperlipopette!")  

I looked over to the window, to where the exclamatory remark was born—to where he was standing, my husband with the moonbeams shining on his face—twilight tracing the curves of contention. Cheri, I had the mind to tell him, ce n'est pas la peine d'argumenter avec Dame Nature. Elle gagne toujours!

Darkness beyond the icy window pane made me question the hour and, as soon as Jean-Marc returned to bed, I asked for the time.

Il est sept heures, he murmured, adding, "we are snowed in and sans wi-fi."

"Ouaiiii!" This time the exclamation was all mine:
"We can play all day and on waffles we shall dine!"


P.S.: this is the waffle iron that I bought when I got back to France (my sister spoiled us with homemade waffles during our visit). If you don't have a waffle maker -- buy this one! It triples as a panini (sandwich maker) and grill (great for Provençal aubergines)! We are making croque monsieurs à gogo and waffles in the snow! This model, by Tefal, sells out fast, so don't delay!

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Braise in the lead, Smokey gaining speed...

Smokey pretends to be a jackrabbit (un lièvre or "hare")...


Mince. I forgot to take the laundry in....

Tant pis. Laundry can wait. Time to follow our dogs' example... Time to get a little snow on our noses, instead of getting persnickety about chores, including laundry.

French Vocabulary & Sound File: listen to my son, Max, pronounce the following French words Download Neige or Download MP3

la neige (f) = snow

putain (Max would like to warn readers that, though the word, which originally meant "hooker" is heard often, it is un gros mot or cuss word. The French say it often enough. I wonder, does this diminish the harshness of the word? Does it sound, to French ears, more like "damn"--instead of the F-word? Share your thoughts, here).

saperlipopette = gadzooks!

Cheri, ce n'est pas la peine d'argumenter avec Dame Nature. Elle gagne toujours! = Dear, it's no use arguing with Mother Nature. She always wins!

Il est sept heures = it is seven o'clock

ouai! = yah!

mince!= darn!

tant pis = oh well

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