la conduite accompagnee

What do this dog and I have in common? We were both fragile, yet trusting, passengers over the weekend. Read on, in today's story column. (And thanks to Bernard, a photographer, and his dog "Pixelle" for allowing me to take their photo after I introduced myself to the two in a mountaintop café.)

conduite accompagnée (ko-ndweet ah-kom-pan-yay)

    : (newbie) driving with an experienced driver

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A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse

You should have seen the pride in our eyes—the fierté on our faces! There we were, my 14-year-old and I—Max in the driver's siège and me, shaking, to his right. It wasn't fear that had me trembling, it was the shaky ride and the newbie driver by my side!

As our family car came coughing down the country lane, my husband, who was in the grape field, pruning, looked up. Were we insane?

With Jean-Marc still staring, a sourire now stretching across his face, the crazy train passed and I, inside, reached over my son and honked the horn, in pride. "This," cried the klaxon, "is the day a driver was born!"

The back wheels all but lifted off the ground as our car came to a hasty halt just a few feet from the front gate. With that, the driver casually stepped out, only to pick up his heels, jump up and down, and shout!

Ça y est. Jaaaai connnnnduiiiiiiiit!

Post note: After Max was already in the house (probably bragging to his sister) I slowly unhooked my seat-belt and clambered, like a crab, out of the car. Once the ground settled, I took a moment to memorize a milestone of my own and a song by Elton John brought the treasured souvenir home.

I'm still standing....

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La conduite accompagnée, c'est, pour un parent, une expérience à ne jamais oublier!
Accompanied driving, is, for a parent, an unforgettable experience!

la fierté = pride
le siège = seat
un sourire = smile
le klaxon = horn
Ça y est! = That's it!
J'ai conduit! = I drove!

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