la tempe

rendre service

                                    "The Snow Kid" Max, 14-years-old.

rendre service (rhondr sair-veece)

  : to assist, be of help, to do a favor for someone

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Il cherche toujours à aider son prochain. Il est toujours prêt à rendre service. He's always trying to help the next guy. He is always ready to assist.

A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse

Salut from snowed-in Sainte Cécile. Though we are blocked here at the farm... there is much to be thankful for: the internet works, the heaters, too.... As for food we have oranges, bread mix, enough odd ingredients for a "seven-day stew" (I'm remembering Mom's knack for "growing a soup": just keep adding "unlikelies" to it--and stew it!).

While we are fine and cozy here, I have a few friends that are in need of your collective ear. Please have a look at the following notes (one in English, the other in French...). Thanks in advance for any ideas!

1. Help our friend in Portland, Oregon...

To friends in PORTLAND,OREGON: We need your help!

Looking for anyone with a connection in "SUSTAINABILITY" (social + environmental + economic) who might be able to help a friend in this field. Please contact Kristin for more details.

Again, if you have any environmental contacts--in this very specific field--sustainability--your help is most appreciated!


2. Answer Bernard's question: Can I bring my dog to U.S. National park?

Bernard writes: Suite à notre rencontre au Mont Ventoux, je vous ai indiqué que j'ai l'intention de me rendre dans l'ouest des États Unis pour y faire un reportage photographique. Comme j'ai l'intention d'emmener Pixelle avec moi, je voudrai savoir si dans les parcs nationaux, les petits chiens sont autorisés... Je ne voudrai pas prendre le risque de rester bloqué à l'entrée d'un parc à cause de ce détail.

Any ideas welcome in the comments box!




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A Day in a Dog's Smokey "R" Dokey

Smokey says: Sheesh! It's been a while since you've seen photos of moi. And look at how grown up I've become! 

"Everything OK, Mr. Max. Somethin' in your eye?"

Since we last spoke, Ma and I both got "fixed"... but, as you can see, that little "proceedure-ey" didn't rob us from our joy de vie.



Hope you enjoyed these photos and please bug Gramma K for more!




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