remettre au lendemain

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remettre au lendemain (reuh-metr-oh-lahnd-euh-mahn)

     : to put off until the next day

Download MP3  or Wav  Il ne faut pas remettre au lendemain ce qu'on peut faire aujourd'hui. One mustn't put off to tomorrow what can be done today. 


 A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse

One day soon I hope to have the presence of mind to write about the present. What if that day is today?
Well then... presently I am a bundle of nerfs. I am this way not because life has thrown a curve ball, but because I do not have on a glove with which to catch it. I don't even own a mitt and even if I did, knowing me I doubt it would be ready to receive.  Gloves need oil, something that would remain forever on my list of "Choses à Faire": 1) buy mitt oil 2) oil mitt....

Such procrastination puts curve balls in my throat. When will I learn? 

Because it is never too late to get back on track... I will exercise that goal of mine of telling you what is presently on my mind:

The inexistent 15 page rough draft that is due now! Today! Illico! 
Several weeks ago I signed up for my very first writing class: a short-story section
 which begins at the end of this month. 
Sheila kohler  I received an email from the author-instructor (her latest book, right...) this morning (cc'd to all of the students) with a reminder that the stories are due--and to "get them in as soon as possible so that we may begin reading one another's work."

The email threw me topsy-turvy into a flurry of first-liners, tripe that reignites my interest in paper-making (in which junk mail and other jetables are torn into little pieces and fed into a blender half-filled with water, to be pulped via a three-speeded mixer (the cool part is that wildflower seeds can be added to the mix, after pulping, and the future greeting card or stationery sheet can then be planted by the recipient! Talk about sustainable giving!).

But back to procrastination and those curve balls in my throat... there are a few others: French taxes, email (I owe you a big apology if you have not received a response to your letter), and a 15-year-old boy who will be voyaging solo at the end of the month...) but I'd rather talk about other things, stuff not having to do with the present moment and its pulpy, papery, anxieties. Perhaps this is a good time to talk about how to oil a mitt? Or where to buy leather softener (a.k.a. "glove stuff"?). After all, in order to catch these curve balls, one has to have a supple southpaw. Which brings us to a new mitty maxim: Never give in. Break in!


Lately I am experimenting with flower therapy: it seems the colorful, sweet-scented bouquets do much to keep the stressers at bay. A pack of wildflower seeds costs less than two buck (
order some), beaucoup moins cher que le psychiatre.  (Not to knock psychiatrists... only to pontificate on those perfumy preventative petals!

Dogs are said to have the same soothing effect: stress-relievers, they are also known to be good givers to those who are reluctant receivers.

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le nerf = nerve
les choses à faire = things to do 
illico = presto!
jetable = throwaway
beaucoup moins cher que le psychiatre = a lot less expensive than the psychiatrist

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