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composite dentaire + toothy expressions in French

                                               Chez le dentiste in Morocco. 

 composite dentaire (kom poh zeet dahn tair)

    : a type of dental filling made up of composite materials

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Un composite dentaire. J'ai perdu un composite dentaire.
A filling. I lost a filling.

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A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse

I was flossing my teeth the other day when the minty thread caught... and something disengaged. An ever so slight ting! had my eyes following sound down into the sink....

I bent over to study the object. Was it a composite? Forlorn, I reached for the jagged form (no bigger than a peppercorn). 

Was it a tooth or a filling? The thought had me faint, heart reeling.

Staring at the little lost limb (or so it might have been!) I wondered about age, loss, and whether or not to give a toss? 

Hair, belly, teeth, and all that striving to keep them neat! Brush after every meal! Careful what you eat!

I looked into the palm of my hand where all those lifelines meet... There sat the toothy thing, menacing like middle age, haunting like hormonal heat.

 :: Toothy Expressions ::

croquer la vie à pleines dents = to fully live life
 avoir les dents longues  = to have long teeth = to be ambitious
faire ses dents = to cut teeth (new teeth emerging from the gums)
œil pour œil, dent pour dent  = an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth
avoir une dent contre quelqu'un = to hold a grudge against someone


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