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machine à coudre


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les moeurs (lay muhrs) noun fpl

    1. morals  2. customs  3. manners, ways

c'est entré dans les moeurs = it's become normal practice
avoir des moeurs simples = to lead a simple life

Please help me welcome guest columnist David Shaby, (pictured below, right). He talks about a few of the differences he has noticed since arriving in France, on Saturday. 

 Kristi and DavidHello, my name is David Shaby. For the last couple of days, I have been living in the Espinasse home. My good friend, Maxime Espinasse, invited me to stay with him on his family's beautiful vineyard. Throughout my stay in France, I have noticed two differences between French and American culture.

One of the major cultural differences is the type of commercials. During second night in France, Max and I were watching  TV when a few peculiar commercials came on. In the first commercial, a man and women were laying down in a meadow cooing to each other. Being from Los Angeles, I was expecting some corny body spray commercial. To my surprise, the commercial was advertising cheese.  In the second commercial I saw, there was a young child who appeared to be depressed. His mother called him over for lunch, the depressed child sadly walked over to the table until he saw his mother take a warm baguette out of the oven. His heart leaped with joy, and the boy was no longer sad. In France, instead of perfume, make-up, and deodorant, there are more food commercials trying to appeal to emotions rather to looking good.

The second major contrast I noticed between French and American culture is the food. Wednesday, I was taken to a French McDonalds where I noticed a major difference in the taste of fast food. I ordered two double cheeseburgers, expecting to taste what I would taste at an American McDonalds. At the French McDonalds, the Double Cheese Burger actually tasts like a double cheeseburger. Unlike in America, there was minimal grease, not very salty and the meat tasted a lot fresher. I believe that the McDonalds in France is overall healthier because the animals in France are more active and better treated than in America.


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  Max and David in Cassis
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