regard fixe

Cassis (c) Kristin Espinasse
The parasol pine trees of Cassis, where today's story ends in mystery...

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un regard fixe (reuh gaar feex)

     : a stare 

regarder fixement = to stare into the distance


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 A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse

"Fashion Sin"

In a small southern French port teeming with little fishing boats, where the windows above the cafés sport pots of petunias or geraniums or begonias or, tout simplement, leavestheir green tresses flowing out from the window sill, down the faded façades like little leafy Rapunzels...

Yes, here, just east of Marseilles in this sparkling, bateau-bustling bay, where the locals and the tourists sit sipping coffee or wine at the outdoor cafes...

Here, ici... all eyes are feasting! No longer trained on the little cotton dresses, or the giant falaise littorale beyond (its name escapes me after so many guesses)...

As I walk along the dock I follow the stares, which issue from amused eyes and land—paf!—smack-dash on me and my oblivious partenaire.

One of us has done it again: fashion sin.

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French Vocabulary

tout simplement = quite simply
le bateau = boat
ici = here
la falaise littorale = sea cliff
paf! = smack!
le / la partenaire = partner

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