machine à coudre

le repos

Dog Days down South. Photo taken in Presa while the car-chaser was off-duty...

le repos (reuh poh) noun, masculine

: rest


Siesta in Sicily

Bonjour from the lava looming foothills of Etna. This « thrice-weekly » journal is on sabbatical for the next two weeks while its ink-pushing editor lets vacation get the best of her.

As I type this dispatch, leaves rustle on eucalyptus trees, a scooter screams outside on the street, its riders chatting away in Sicilian speak. Earlier, I listened to church bells and rooster "yells" and, last night, the gargle of goat herders followed by clanking bells and wagging tails as a troupeau made its way up the steep piedmont, toward a sleepy volcano in the distance.

Distance… it is a holiday maker’s method--just enough of it to result in a rupture with rat-a-tat rhythm, space sufficient to separate from one’s usual speed in time to dip in to a reposante Sicilian retreat.


Note bene:  This journal resumes on August 18th. Enjoy the break.

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Lovely Man.

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