montagnes russes


The other Jackie (c) Kristin Espinasse

In a sea of vines... a favorite friend of mine.

bohème (bo em) m,f

= bohemian

 Synonyms: vagabond, indépendant, original, or counterculturist

A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse

"Harvest Heroines"

(Part I of the harvest is over and the girls have gone. This story is for them.)

Heroines with hot peppers in their hearts, they sizzle with mystery and soul. I want to wade in the whites of their eyes, lingering long enough to ride the evening tide. Into their hippy hearts I shall slide!

There, on the surface of the sea, above the soul's cavity, I will be wild and free, tattoos on my hips, tattoos on my knees. I'll cut my hair hither and thither, or shave it off altogether!

Hélas they are gone and yet I remain, little much more than squarely the same.



My sister-in-law Cécile
My sister-in-law, Cécile

Jackie and Aurelie

Pictured: "Jackie from Scotland," left, Aurélie, right. The girls will be back on Sunday for the second part of the harvest. (Photo taken last year, when Mama Braise had her puppies. I think that might be Smokey, there in Jackie's arms.)

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Jackie, Jean-Marc, Aurelie, and Daniel (c) Kristin Espinasse
Hither-thither-haired Jackie, left, Aurélie, right. Far right: Daniel-Gérard (American), who wishes he spoke better French so as to appreciate the fun and funny girls.

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Congratulations on the harvest!!!

ann ceraldi

Kristen, I love the way you write, part a sort of stream of consciousness, part Edward Lear-ish nonsensical (wade in the whites of their eyes!) I get a kick out of living your life vicariously...Wish I were there in person to help with the harvest..

Pat Cargill

Congratulations on the successful completion of The First Part of the Harvest 2010!

Viva la difference! Three cheers for the magnificence of self expression, within the arts, personal style--hairstyles, body art, you name it. I named my card design company "You Crack me Up" - "let there be diversity, with a soupcon of hilarity, and let it begin with me!" Creations from the meandering lines of a pen, not unlike the words that tumble from a mind free of restrictions, that bring forth something new and expressive of the unique person each of us is.

Smokey et Maman Braise: Ode to Wanderers

Happy Labor Day from the US of A,
May your labors be fun and frolicsome in every way.
While the sunshine beams and the tournesols turn,
May you wander where e'er your curious hearts might yearn! (But please...not so far from home as last week!)



You and Jean-Marc are so lucky to have so many volunteers help with the harvest. If my body was still as agile, I would love to help, but as we age, unfortunately, so does the body and back.
Congratulations on another harvest and I can't wait to try your wine when we visit. Love the proses, you have a way with words.



You and Jean-Marc are so lucky to have so many volunteers help with the harvest. If my body was still as agile, I would love to help, but as we age, unfortunately, so does the body and back.
Congratulations on another harvest and I can't wait to try your wine when we visit. Love the proses, you have a way with words.


Mary, thanks for the harvest cheers!

Ann, so happy to see your note, merci!

Pat, talk about self-expression: your stories always tickle me!

Kathleen, you do not have to harvest... to be welcome here :-) Take care of that back and enjoy a nice glass of wine! And many thanks for your note which is a lovely encouragement.


Kristin, just wondering: Does it help you if we click on one of your advertisers, not necessarily buy anything, but just click? Does that get recorded somehow and help you curry favor with the advertisers? If so I will be clicking away!

Bill Facker

Kristin, When you "go deep" and speak from that consciously disconnected, hidden light ... you always blow me away! This piece is truly beautiful. Mahalo Nui Loa for sharing yourself with all of us. Aloha, Bill Facker

scriptor senex

Haven't visited for a while - glad to be back learning! Please keep up the good work.

Herm in Phoenix, AZ

Salut Kristin,

What a neat thing you’re doing by sharing you “world” with the “harvest heroines and heros”. Must be a memorable experience for both you and the helpers………très bonne idée!

Please describe the “parts” of the harvest. . . anyone.

A bientôt

Fred Caswell

Tes photos sont captivanties, amusantes, et revelents de les joies quand les ges sont dans un environnement plein de l'amour.

Saugrenuies ecrits, Femme!

Comme toujours...

joie  carmel,ca

What a lovely bit of prose. I think the girls and women will always be a part of your heart and soul. You seem to glean so much more of life than most of your age. Perhaps it is the opportunity to live in a country where love, relationships with all people are are primary to even existing. I think there is a little of the boheme in you. Funny, I had forgotten what that word meant. I know that there is still of of it in me.....once a sort of "hippy" of the 60's.
A bientot.


I think everyone should have at least a little boheme in them...some, should have oddles of the boheme to bring them a be wild and free even in aging hippie hearts :)
It looks as though a wonderful time was had along with the work of the harvest!

gail bingenheimer

Une nouvelle surprenante (surprising bit of news)Ces sont des journées de travail joyeuses. These are joyous days of work. gail

Suzanne, Monroe Township, NJ

Merci, Les Bohemes Jackie et Aurelie! I loved these photos and even though we cannot be there now, we will be there at the end of the month to celebrate and to fete you and Jean-Marc.

Less than a year ago during my first trip to Provence, we visited Domaine Rouge Bleu and sipped a 3 week old rose. Tonight, we served that wonderful rose for a Labor Day feast of smoked baby back ribs, New Jersey grilled corn on the cob, French potato salad (olive oil, thyme and vinegar). We treated our almost 17 year old goddaughter to a "short glass" of the rose (under the supervision of her parents). So it was wonderful to see these photos of this year's harvest after having enjoyed the fruits of the last.

French Translator

Bonjour, It had been fun scrolling with your blog, As A french supporter you have your own great way of extending help to the French Journal..keep it up


Not a story, but beautiful poetry! I second Bill Facker's comments above ("When you "go deep" and speak from that consciously disconnected, hidden light..." I was éblouie by your words in this piece.

The photos of the vendangeurs take me back 25 years to when I worked the vendanges in Ribeauvillé, Alsace and in St. Désert, Burgundy (Côte Chalonaise) five of the six years that I was a student in Strasbourg. Back-breaking and some of the most beautiful, fulfilling work that I've ever done. I'd come help in a heartbeat if it didn't involve getting free of job obligations and buying a plane ticket!


Kristin, I am addicted to your emails and cinema verite. Thank you for sharing your life in general and in France in particular. I wonder, How can I sign up to work les vendages next year?

Jacqui McCargar

For Herm in Phoenix, in this case the "parts" of the harvest are for the Dentelle Rose, first part and the second part is for the Mistral and Dentelle.
I arrived at Domaine Rouge-Bleu last year to work on the second harvest with Jackie and Aurelie and Cece. The first had been completed a few weeks earlier and they had been there too!
Jacqui in California

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