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The drawing reads: "In the war of 1870 he drove a team instead of a camion. French 'corvée' laborers. Too old to serve in the active army and so assigned to the more unromantic uninteresting but vital work of loading camions, tending horses, or building and repairing roads back of the lines. It has been said that the first battle of Verdun was won by the camion service. This is the kind of man who made that victory possible." (Image Processed by Distributed Proofreaders as part of the e-book creation process for Project Gutenberg title "I was there". Author: Baldridge, Cryus Leroy (1889-1977))

corvée (kor vay) noun, feminine

    : chore, duty, drudgery, unpleasant task

synonyms: une tâche (task), un pensum (punishment)

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Sortir la poubelle, c'est une corvée usuelle.
To take out the garbage is an ordinary chore.

A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse

"Lads & Laundry"

Enjoy the following silent column! Sometimes it is good to take a break from words... and dabble, instead, in domestic work!









 Thank you, Alexis (right) and Daniel, for allowing me to capture this slice of harvest life. 



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